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Mistress Stephanie is big on courtesy and she found out that it was exactly what this guy lacked. She had to educate him on the benefits and need to be courteous. He ignored her and she was not going to let him get away with it so she facesat him and she used her pussy to cover his nose and mouth. He was shocked and humiliated so he agreed to change as she wanted.

Mistress Ariel did not feel like this guy was being a good example to the other slaves. She had to punish him and she did it by using her ass. She facesat him and humiliated him like never before. He thought that he could bribe her but he could not and she did not want to hear anything else he said. He had to endure all the humiliation he could.

Goddess Fatima was horny and it would have been easy to satisfy her and make her cum because she was already halfway there but this guy was a one minute man and it pissed her off. She was so mad at him that she facesat on him to express her dissatisfaction at his inability to make her cum. He had to learn to do better otherwise he would be single for the rest of his life.

This guy was too foulmouthed for goddess Kiffa and she had to deal with him the best way she knew. She did this by torturing him with her ass and facesitting him was the best way to do so. He cried as he felt the pain and the humiliation but she did not care what he felt. All she wanted was to punish him and she succeeded in doing so to him.

Mistress Anna wanted to crush and dominate this loser and that is what she did with her ass. He had angered her and she did not want him to think that she was incapable of doing something about it. And so she used her ass to facesit on him and degrade him. He learned his lesson the hard way and begged her not to continue facesitting on him as he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Natasha did not like the way her slave behaved and how he had not finished his work. So she chose to deal with him in a way he did not expect. The mistress did this by forcing him to lie down and she crushed his head and made it a painful affair for him. She did this to deter him from pissing her off again and he learned his lesson.

Goddess Amina's boyfriend had messed up and he needed her to forgive him. She had not been talking to him for a couple of days and he was desperate. She used his desperation to make him agree to be sat on. She facesat on him and she farted on his face which was something she had always wanted to try but she did not know how to go about it.

Mistress Melissa and her boyfriend love to play games and they played today and they agreed that the loser will be humiliated by the winner and she won the game so she had to humiliate him and she chose to do it by facesitting on him. It was a lot of fun for her as he had to lick and smell her ass too. He nearly choked as he did it.

This mistress was horny and she wanted to cum. But she did not want to masturbate to achieve it. She jumped at the chance that presented itself when this loser went to see her. She teased him and she used that chance to facesit on him. She rubbed her ass, her pussy and her clit on his face until she came. Then she left the guy high and dry by teasing and denying him.

Madame Marissa was angry at her slave and she chose to punish him as cruelly as she could. She did not like the kind of work he did because it was horrible. She had to make him do better or be forced to fire him. She gave him a last chance but it was accompanied by trampling as well as facesitting. She did so using her jeans to make it more painful.

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