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Mistress Lola wanted to wiggle her ass on this guy's face and she did it without thinking twice about it. She knew that the guy would be turned on and she would then humiliate him some more by teasing and denying him. So she did not hesitate to humiliate him and that is how he learned never to piss her off because of what he knew she would do about it.

When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a loser who did not want to do things the right way, she knew it was high time for her to do something about it and she did it with her facesitting fetish. As she sat on his face, she choked him a little and she had fun torturing as well as humiliating him both for fun and to pass a message.

Goddess Yasemin was chatting with her fans on video and one of her most loyal fans told her to do something fun for them. She did not want to do it for everyone so she took him off the public platform and took him private. He loved how she teased him. He saw part of her big tits and he also saw her sexy ass. The mistress also danced erotically for him and he loved every bit of it and even jerked off to it.

Mistress Zephy had a sudden urge to facesit this guy who had been hitting on her. She invited him to her house and when he tried to talk, she motioned for him to keep quiet. She threw him down and she lifted her skirt up to reveal her pussy as she was not wearing underwear. Then she facesat him and positioned her pussy on his mouth and he ate it without thinking twice. She played with her tits as he ate her out until she had multiple orgasms.

This mistress was pissed that her boyfriend had not gotten her anything for valentines day. She had gotten him a gift but he had not bothered to get her one. She was pissed and she used her jeans to smother him while he prepared to have sex. He was humiliated and made to jerk off without any oil or lube. He never repeated that mistake as he knew what would happen.

Mistress Gilda noticed that her boyfriend was drunk when he was not supposed to be and she did not like it. She had to punish him for it and she did that by smothering him with her ass. He was shocked because he thought that he could conceal his drunkenness from her but he could not. She punished him for it and made sure he never came home drunk again.

Lady Victoria was pissed to learn that this guy had been cheating on her sister lady Liza. She was so pissed about it and she punished him in front of her sister before she asked her sister to join her. They trampled him, smothered his face, facesat on him and even ball crushed him. That was to teach him to remain faithful to anyone he was in a relationship with.

This mistress is not a lesbian. But this lesbian thought she was and she hit on her. She politely told her she was not bisexual and she was not lesbian but the girl did not want to take no for an answer and she insisted. The mistress got fed up and she punished the girl by facesitting on her with her jeans. It was painful but the girl was turned on instead of being humiliated.

This client was a pain in the ass and mistress Adrianna had to deal with him. He had to be punished so that he knew the boundaries between being a customer and being more than that. The mistress used her jeans to crush his face and to make him realize that she would not condone his behavior and that it had to end that very day unless he wanted to experience worse than she had made him experience.

This loser messed with the wrong people and he lived to regret it as the mistresses made sure he learned his lesson the hard and painful way. The mistresses took turns dominating him by facesitting on him. As he tried his best to endure what the mistresses were doing to him, he realized that it was becoming worse and he not only peed his pants, but he also nearly shit himself.

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