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Mistress Kira got her slave jerking off and she did not like it. He was doing it in her bedroom and she was pissed. She would not have minded if he did it in his bedroom. But she did not want him to have a habit of doing such things in her bedroom. So she cruelly facesat on him in an effort to make him feel pain and to choke him as punishment.

Mistress Mina has a sexy ass and her slave loved it. He tried to hide his interest in her ass but she found out when she saw his drawings of her ass and the secret photos of her ass. But it was catching him smelling her panties that made her punish him. She did not want to turn him into a pervert so she facesat on him to punish him. She also tied his face to her ass with a plastic wrap and nearly choked him.

Mistress Daria is a sexy mistress who enjoys spending time with her slave instead of other men. But her slave had pissed her off and she had to punish him. She used her ass to do it. She facesat on him and he cried and begged for mercy because besides being painful, it was humiliating and he was choking. She knew when to let him breathe so as not to choke.

Mistress Joss and her friend Sonny found this guy stalking them. They did not want to have someone follow them around and they had to make him stop. They lured him to their house and when he went, the mistresses forced him to lie down on the floor and they forced him to lick and smell their asses. To make the experience worse for him, they crushed his ass and farted on his face.

Mistress Gaia wanted to teach her slave some manners. He had been misbehaving recently and she did not want that to continue under her watch. She came home early from work today specifically to deal with him. She crushed his face with her ass and even made him lick her pussy discharge. She made him smell her farts and she crushed nose and his mouth and nearly choked him as he could not breathe properly.

Mistress Elizabeth has a big ass. And she loves to facesit on people both as punishment for them and pleasure for her. But today she wanted something a little bit more. She facesat on her slave and humiliated him before she decided to make him lick her clitoris through her panty. She also made him lick her pussy the same way. She wanted more pleasure for herself and humiliation for him. And she got it.

Yvonne had spent a lot of time in the office seating down and when she reached home, she wanted a soft chair. She wanted a human chair and made the slave bear her full weight

Whenever Jane wants to do more damage when she's facesitting on a slave, she usually does it while wearing her jeans. She knows that the denim will inflict more pain and that is why she likes it

Katharina never has enough when it comes to punishing and humiliating her slaves. She can do it any time anywhere. She took her slave and then rode him like a horse before facesitting on him and making it hard for him to breathe as she smothered his face with her ass

This BBW likes facesitting on her slaves. But on this day, she wanted to facesit on not one but two slaves. For fun, she decided to have male and female slaves and smother their faces with her huge ass. They were both powerless against her as she trampled them and smothered her ass on their faces. But at least they can share the pain and agony instead of one person bearing the brunt.

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