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Goddess Amina's boyfriend had messed up and he needed her to forgive him. She had not been talking to him for a couple of days and he was desperate. She used his desperation to make him agree to be sat on. She facesat on him and she farted on his face which was something she had always wanted to try but she did not know how to go about it.

Mistress Melissa and her boyfriend love to play games and they played today and they agreed that the loser will be humiliated by the winner and she won the game so she had to humiliate him and she chose to do it by facesitting on him. It was a lot of fun for her as he had to lick and smell her ass too. He nearly choked as he did it.

This mistress was horny and she wanted to cum. But she did not want to masturbate to achieve it. She jumped at the chance that presented itself when this loser went to see her. She teased him and she used that chance to facesit on him. She rubbed her ass, her pussy and her clit on his face until she came. Then she left the guy high and dry by teasing and denying him.

This mistress had given this guy a place to sleep for a few days while he sorted himself out. He chose to stay and not leave and he was becoming an inconvenience for her. She chose to make him leave by her actions and not her words. Every day she did something humiliating to him. Today she facesat on him and choked him with her farts. He soon learned he was not welcome and he left.

Mistress Becca has a nice ass and in as much as she loves to use it to have fun, she also uses it to humiliate and to torture. Today she used it to facesit on this loser. She crushed his face with her ass and she choked him while she facesat on him. He could not breathe properly and he had to beg for her to let him go, which she did.

This guy loves her girl's ass. The mistress has a gorgeous ass and she knows how much her man loves it. She wanted to try something new with him and for him today so she got him to lie down. She facesat on him and she had him lick her ass and then she had him lick it. She dominated him and commanded him and he loved it and they had a great time.

Mistress Nadia has a fine ass. And she knows it. A lot of guys like to complement her on it and they try to seduce her so that they can get a piece of it but that never happens. She can read them from miles away and when she is bored and wants to have some fun, she usually uses them for her own enjoyment by facesitting on them after making them believe they will get to tap her ass.

When this loser did what this mistress did not approve of, he did not know that he was in hot soup. The mistress had to punish him and she did. She did so as painfully and as humiliatingly as she could. She facesat on him and she made him lick and smell her ass. She facesat on the slave cruelly and then she made him also smell her farts.

Mistress Mina has a sexy ass and her slave loved it. He tried to hide his interest in her ass but she found out when she saw his drawings of her ass and the secret photos of her ass. But it was catching him smelling her panties that made her punish him. She did not want to turn him into a pervert so she facesat on him to punish him. She also tied his face to her ass with a plastic wrap and nearly choked him.

Mistress Melissa knew her boyfriend had a thing for her ass so she used this to try facesitting fetish. She had been dying to try it but she got the courage to do it today. She told him it turned her on when he smelled her ass and licked it from underneath her. He did it while she applied her make up and when she was bored of it, she told him it was not working for her.

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