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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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Mistress Suzy wanted to punish her slave and still have fun at the same time. So she weighed her options and she settled on facesitting. The mistress went ahead and she facesat on him and she wiggled her ass on his face. In addition, the mistress also rubbed her clit and her pussy on his face until she came. She had a great time while the loser was having a nightmare.

Mistress Tiffany knows that she has an amazing arse. And she has no problem using it for fun and to take advantage of it. She used it today to have fun at the expense of this loser. She facesat on him after teasing him. He was happy and thought she wanted to fuck him but he was shocked when she turned on him and she had him lick, smell her ass and choke him.

This mistress has a big ass and she likes to use it when humiliating anyone she feels like humiliating. Being big bodied, she is also strong and most guys are no match for her. She wanted to humiliate this guy so she dragged him to the bed where she facesat on him while only wearing her thong. She made him smell and lick her ass. Never mind that it was stinky.

Anna is a sexy blonde mistress who loves to torture her slaves by sitting on their faces. Slaves are not worth anything, and this one deserves to have his face sat on. This slave loves to smell his mistress' ass and pussy, and she is wearing a sexy lingerie so she looks very hot and delectable. Anna makes sure he understands the value of her ass and pussy while she sits on him!

Cathy has a playful but cruel streak, and she finds the humiliating helplessness of her slave to be quite entertaining. She squeezes her deliciously curvy body into sheer pantyhose and has a ball facesitting on him and smothering his red face. She sits on his face with her full weight, laughing at his forced submission. She makes him smell her big ass and pussy and pins him down.

Athletic blonde Svenja makes her slave get in a smotherbox so she can sit on his face in lingerie, black stockings and high heels. She starts facesitting on her slave and props her feet up on his cock and balls. You can see her ass cheeks flatten down on his face as she pushes her full weight down. He starts to smother and he can't go anywhere because he's trapped.

Stunning blonde Lady Melissa puts her slave in a smotherbox so she can torture him with facesitting and he can't escape. Her tight black pants smother him when her ass covers his face. She smothers him for a while by facesitting in pants then pulls her pants down so she can sit on his face with her G-string on. She loves to feel his nose as it is pushed between her ass cheeks.

Vivacious blonde bombshell Diana has some red G-string panties on for her facesitting session with her slave. He lies on the couch while she straddles his face with her sexy stockings and high heels on. Her perfect ass slowly lowers down on his face until his face is covered by her ass and his nose is firmly squeezed between her ass cheeks. He starts to smother but there is nowhere he'd rather be.

Sultry and dominating blonde Xenia looks extra sexy in her maid's outfit and high heels and uses her slave as a human seat. She makes him lie in the floor with his arm trapped between the legs of a chair. She pulls up her skirt and starts facesitting on him with both her pussy and her ass cover his nose and mouth. He smothers under her full weight but he loves it.

Svenja is a delicious blonde with a big tasty ass that looks glorious in her tight jeans. While preparing for her facesitting session with her slave, she had him lie on a thin seat cushion. She wanted to hang her legs over the side so she could completely cover his face with her ass. She lowers her full weight down on his face and her sexy jeans ass spreads over his head smothering him.

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