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When these mistresses realized that they were being played by the same guy, they had to act and punish him. The mistresses felt that the best thing to do to him was to teach him a lesson that he would not forget in a hurry. That is why the mistress set out to choke him with their butts and that is exactly what they did to him. He never tried it again.

Mistress Angelina was interested in torturing this guy and she did it with her jeans. She knew that doing it with her ass would not be much of a punishment as he would love the smell and feel of her ass and her pussy. So she wore her jeans and she used it to choke him as well as to make him feel pain. She was right and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Gilda noticed that her boyfriend was drunk when he was not supposed to be and she did not like it. She had to punish him for it and she did that by smothering him with her ass. He was shocked because he thought that he could conceal his drunkenness from her but he could not. She punished him for it and made sure he never came home drunk again.

Lady Victoria was pissed to learn that this guy had been cheating on her sister lady Liza. She was so pissed about it and she punished him in front of her sister before she asked her sister to join her. They trampled him, smothered his face, facesat on him and even ball crushed him. That was to teach him to remain faithful to anyone he was in a relationship with.

This mistress had planned to crush this guy and facesit on him as punishment. But she was horny and as soon as she did it, she was even more turned on and she had a great time with what she felt. The mistress forgot why she was facesitting on him and she concentrated on the fun she was having and that is how she came and had a good time.

Empress Victoria had an issue with how unreliable this guy was but he insisted on being with her and doing things with her. She felt that it was not ok for him to do what he had done and she went out of her way to force him to do things the way she wanted. That is why the mistress facesat on him in an effort to teach him a lesson.

Mistress Anastasia did not understand why this guy did not mind his own business. It was like he was more used hers and she felt that she had to make him change. The guy was shocked at how the guy was all up in her business but she put a stop to it by forcing him to lick her ass as well as her pussy even though he did not breathe properly as she facesat on him.

Mizz Thyck has a big ass and she is proud of it. She never hesitates to use it to have fun and to take advantage of guys. She knows guys who would do anything to get a piece of her but she never messes up with anyone unless she is into him or her. And today she used the same ass to smother this guy and choked him besides making him feel incredible pain.

This guy was a loser and these mistresses did not feel anything as they tortured him. Mistress Tink, mistress Cassie and mistress April used their asses to degrade him and he was nearly choked as they did that to him. He wished he had never messed with them but it was already too late and he had to do things their way. He knew he could not fight so he tried to convince them to go easy on them.

Mistress Iside knew her neighbor had the hots for her and she had a free day today so she did not mind hanging out with him even though she knew he would not get the cookie. The mistress enjoyed turning him into her ass slave and she facesat on him. The benefit for him was to lick and smell her ass which he did as she sat on his face.

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