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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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Mistress Misty learned about facestting fetish and she wanted to use it on her boyfriend. She knew he loved to be dominated and she had run out of ideas of what to do to him as he kept demanding more from her. She made him lie on the couch and she facesat on him. She got him to lick and smell her ass and she even slapped him. He loved it.

Mistress Liliana and mistress Marion were fed up with how this loser tried to con them all the time. They were not gullible enough to fall for his tricks but they were tired of him trying to do it. So they punished him by facesitting on him so as to make sure he would never do it again. They did it together and at the same time which made it even more painful.

Goddess Nika was not happy with what she had seen from her friend. She did not like how he took things for granted. He had done something she did not like and she had to punish him. He is a clean freak and she knew the best way to get to him was to make his house and especially his bedroom and bathroom dirty. So she went and took a shit in the bathroom and the bedroom. He was shocked and never took anything with her for granted.

Mistress Zora sat down and thought of what to do to this loser. She chose to humiliate him by facesitting on him. She did not care how he felt and whether he would choke. She facesat on him and he peed his pants as he thought he would choke. She laughed at him and knew he would never piss her off again if he could help it. She then went on with what she was doing.

This mistress knows that her boyfriend has a thing for lovely asses like hers. She caught her boyfriend checking out another girl's ass and she could not take it. She was pissed so she punished him. She used her own sexy ass to do it. She facesat on him and forced him to lick and smell her ass. He had no choice and he nearly choked as she sat on his face.

Mistress Amanda was wearing her jeans. She had read somewhere that it was the best to use to facesit on slaves and losers. She wanted to try it so she stretched as she wore it so as to get comfortable as she wore it. She had fun facesitting on the slave with it and true to what she had read, it was more painful for the loser she facesat on.

Mistress Joss and Meg lied to this guy that they wanted a threesome. But in real sense, what they wanted was to humiliate him and that is what they did. They forced him to lie on the bed and they used their asses to humiliate him. He was forced to retain his breath so as not to choke and he was also asked to smell the mistress' asses and their farts.

Mistresses Joss and Bea are close and they like to do things together. When mistress Joss developed a fetish for facesitting, mistress Bea was also interested and she had to learn it. Mistress Joss got them a slave and the mistresses had fun smothering his face using their asses. The mistresses made him lick and smell their asses which were sweaty before they farted on him for good measure. It was a lot of fun and the mistresses enjoyed it but the same cannot be said of the slave despite the hot mistresses having sexy asses.

This mistress is hot and she knows it. She likes to take advantage of her looks to have fun at the expense of other guys. Today she was at this club where she saw this guy misbehaving. She flirted with him and went back with him to her house. The guy thought he was hot and she was into him. But he later realized she was punishing him for his rude behavior when she facesat on him and nearly choked him. She also made him smell her ass and her farts.

When mistress Amber realized her slave was staring at her ass, she had an idea. She used that same ass to punish and humiliate him. She told him to lie down and she facesat on him. She was wearing her jeans which made it more painful. She had his hands tied so that he could not resist whatever she wanted to do to him and that gave her a free ride to do anything she wanted.

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