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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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This mistress was horny. She wanted to have fun and she felt that she could manage to humiliate this guy with her facesitting fetish and at the same time, using the same facesitting fetish, have fun by orgasming. The mistress did not hesitate to do it and so she facesat on him without her underwear on. He had to lick her ass and as she rubbed her clit on his face, she came.

Mistress Ariel did not feel like this guy was being a good example to the other slaves. She had to punish him and she did it by using her ass. She facesat him and humiliated him like never before. He thought that he could bribe her but he could not and she did not want to hear anything else he said. He had to endure all the humiliation he could.

Mistress Theona and her friend Darcy had the hots for each other and today they had the time to do something about it. They had admired each other sexually but they had never tried to do anything about it. Today they kissed and had fun facesitting each other as it facilitated them to lick each other's asses and pussies. That was the start of something crazy sexually for them and they loved it.

This client was a pain in the ass and mistress Adrianna had to deal with him. He had to be punished so that he knew the boundaries between being a customer and being more than that. The mistress used her jeans to crush his face and to make him realize that she would not condone his behavior and that it had to end that very day unless he wanted to experience worse than she had made him experience.

Mistress Stephanie is a sexy girl and as a result, a lot of people are into her and want to sleep with her. But she does not let anyone and everyone do it. That is why today she chose to facesit and have fun at the expense of one of them. And in addition to that, she wanted to find out of smothering and facesitting on him would turn him off. So she did it with her bare ass.

Mistress Natasha did not like the way her slave behaved and how he had not finished his work. So she chose to deal with him in a way he did not expect. The mistress did this by forcing him to lie down and she crushed his head and made it a painful affair for him. She did this to deter him from pissing her off again and he learned his lesson.

This guy had pissed mistress Nica off and she did not like what she had seen from him. She felt that the best way to make him change was to facesit on him and also whip him. She even went ahead to trample his nuts and she did all of these things while he was naked. He had learned his lesson the hard way and there was no looking back.

Goddess Nika had a cunning slave and she wanted him to change. She was tired of his games and she wanted him to do things her way and to avoid pissing her off. So she used her jeans to facesit on him so that he was both humiliated and in pain. She even farted on him and he learned his lesson the hard way. And he never tried any of his games again.

Mistress Dana knew that her man loved her booty. And she wanted to use it to give him a special treat that he had never gotten from her before. So she wore a thong and she used it to turn him on. And she tied him to the bed before she facesat on him and she choked him a little with her ass. He nearly came on himself as she did her thing.

This guy was not willing to give mistress Roxana her money back and she was not going to allow him. She had been understanding enough and given him more than enough time to pay her back. But he was starting to evade her and do other things to make sure he did not pay her. She surprised him when she showed up to his house and instead of talking, she facesat on him until he told her to go with him to the ATM and he gave her the money.

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