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When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a loser who did not want to do things the right way, she knew it was high time for her to do something about it and she did it with her facesitting fetish. As she sat on his face, she choked him a little and she had fun torturing as well as humiliating him both for fun and to pass a message.

Goddess Yasemin was chatting with her fans on video and one of her most loyal fans told her to do something fun for them. She did not want to do it for everyone so she took him off the public platform and took him private. He loved how she teased him. He saw part of her big tits and he also saw her sexy ass. The mistress also danced erotically for him and he loved every bit of it and even jerked off to it.

This guy had a crush on Ebonybooty49. She had some free time so she decided to use her time to have fun which she had not had before. The mistress had him lie down and she facesat him. She let him check out her big as and her sexy natural tits. He loved what he saw and he came on himself without any penetration at all. She also loved it.

Mistress Cassie has a gorgeous and curvy ass. She loves to use it to mess with guys as they are not able to say no to her after they check out what she is able to do with it. Today the mistress used her curvy ass to get this guy turned on. She facesat him with it and he loved it. Then she asked him to lick it and he did.

This mistress is not a lesbian. But this lesbian thought she was and she hit on her. She politely told her she was not bisexual and she was not lesbian but the girl did not want to take no for an answer and she insisted. The mistress got fed up and she punished the girl by facesitting on her with her jeans. It was painful but the girl was turned on instead of being humiliated.

This mistress did not want to take chances with this guy so she went out of her way to dominate him. He had to endure the pain and humiliation of what she chose to do to him. The mistress facesat on the poor guy and she crushed his nuts at the same time and it was both painful as well as humiliating for the poor guy but there was no way out.

Goddess Mel was not going to fuck anyone with a small dick. That was very clear in her mind. And that is why she had to make sure that he knew why she was punishing him. She did not want him to ever disturb her again knowing that he could not satisfy her. All he had to do was lick her ass and smell her asshole and her farts as she facesat on him.

Mistress Zephy did not enjoy oral sex from her husband because he was both poor at it and he did not like it. She was a little frustrated and one day she was reading something about making her man be good at it and her husband's friend saw what she was reading. He immediately knew what she was dealing with and he came to her aid. He ate her ass and her pussy and made her get multiple orgasms.

Mistress Roxanne was horny and she wanted her pussy to be pounded and ploughed hard. But the guy she wanted to do that to her had erectile dysfunction and he could not satisfy her. She was so angry at him and she facesat on him as punishment for what he had done. The mistress could not imagine that she had missed getting fucked hard. She took matters into her own hands and masturbated.

Lady Naomi had never tried facesitting fetish before but she was dying to. The mistress went out and she seduced this guy and she got him to think of all the naughty things they were going to do together but they never materialized. Instead, it was her who had all the fun as she facesat on him. That was what she was after and after she did it to him, she chased him away.

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