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Mistress Gaia wanted this guy to bone her real good. But he did not do it as she expected it and he left her unsatisfied. She could not imagine that she had wasted her time with the loser so she humiliated him so that she could get something out of it. She facesat on him and choked him. She also had him lick and smell her ass and farts before she rode his face and rubbed her clit on his face until she came.

Madame Marissa was angry at her slave and she chose to punish him as cruelly as she could. She did not like the kind of work he did because it was horrible. She had to make him do better or be forced to fire him. She gave him a last chance but it was accompanied by trampling as well as facesitting. She did so using her jeans to make it more painful.

Mistress Liliana and mistress Marion were fed up with how this loser tried to con them all the time. They were not gullible enough to fall for his tricks but they were tired of him trying to do it. So they punished him by facesitting on him so as to make sure he would never do it again. They did it together and at the same time which made it even more painful.

Princess Morgana was pissed when she learned that her new boyfriend was lazy and did not help around the house. He just wanted to be fed, to fuck and to just watch movies and sleep. She was not going to let him do that in her house. She facesat on him and choked him to send a message that in her house, he had to help out in doing house chores.

Mistress Hanna felt that her friend mistress Jane was being too lenient to their slave. She chose to punish him and she did it using her facesitting fetish. As she facesat on the slave, her friend joined in and the two of them had a great time punishing and humiliating the slave. He was in a lot of pain and he was also humiliated but he had no say in the matter.

Mistress Amrita and her boyfriend were bored. They chose to try something they had not tried before. They chose to try handjob as well as facesitting fetishes. The mistress gave her boyfriend a handjob and she did her best to make it as naughty as she could. And he, on the other hand, tried facesitting on her but it was not sexy. Instead, she facesat on him and this time, it was sexy. She used it to cum.

Queen Hanna loves to have fun and she has fun all the time. Her friend mistress Jane wanted to have a little bit of fun too so she asked her to teach her. Queen Hanna agreed and she asked mistress Jane to bring a loser. She flirted with one and managed to bring him. Queen Hanna facesat on him and she humiliated him in away that they both had fun and she asked her friend to try it

Mistress Gaia's girlfriend complained that she was not adventurous in bed and she did not do things like bondage and have hardcore sex with her. She kept quiet and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Her girlfriend followed her. She roughed her up and she made her lick her cunt and her ass. She took her to the bed and she facesat on her as she rubbed her clit on her face till she came. Then mistress Gaia roughed up her girlfriend till she came. It was a great experience for both of them.

Mistress Natasha wanted to try something new. Something she had never tried before. She searched the internet for interesting things to do and she came across facesitting fetish. She wanted to try it so she called the guy on her apartment block who had a crush on her. She lied to him that she loved facesitting on guys and it turned her on. She enjoyed humiliating him and when she got her fill, she pretended to hurt herself and asked him to leave.

Madame Marissa was not about to let this loser waste her time. She had already wasted madame Marissa's time and she did not want to let her waste any more of it. So she forced her to lie down and she facesat on her using her jeans. It was brutal and painful but that was how it was supposed to be so that it would be a lesson for her.

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