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Mistress Mina has a sexy ass and her slave loved it. He tried to hide his interest in her ass but she found out when she saw his drawings of her ass and the secret photos of her ass. But it was catching him smelling her panties that made her punish him. She did not want to turn him into a pervert so she facesat on him to punish him. She also tied his face to her ass with a plastic wrap and nearly choked him.

Mistress Daria is a sexy mistress who enjoys spending time with her slave instead of other men. But her slave had pissed her off and she had to punish him. She used her ass to do it. She facesat on him and he cried and begged for mercy because besides being painful, it was humiliating and he was choking. She knew when to let him breathe so as not to choke.

Mistress Gaia wanted her laundry done but her slave had not done it by the time she came home from work. She did not have anything to wear the next day and she did not like how casually he took her instructions. She set out to punish him and she did it painfully and cruelly. She facesat on him and choked him with her thighs to let him know she was serious.

This guy did not know what she was into. He was attracted to this mistress and liked it when she flirted with him and longed to bone her so he followed her blindly to her house where upon reaching, she turned on him and she used him as her human seat. She facesat on him and made him lick her ass. She tested his breath retention skills as he nearly choked.

This mistress had paid for gym membership but her gym instructor was shitty. She did not like how he trained her. He was always looking at her boobs and her ass and did not concentrate on his job. So she plotted to punish him and she did it humiliatingly. She forced him to lie down and she crushed his face with her ass. He had to lick and smell her ass before she let him go. She farted to make it more humiliating.

Mistress Svenja had seen facesitting fetish videos online as she was browsing and she wanted to try it. She knew there was a loser who had a crush on her down the street so she called him and when he came, she facesat on him and crushed his face with her ass. To spice things up, she made him lick her pussy as she rubbed her clit against his face.

Mistress Elizabeth has a big ass. And she loves to facesit on people both as punishment for them and pleasure for her. But today she wanted something a little bit more. She facesat on her slave and humiliated him before she decided to make him lick her clitoris through her panty. She also made him lick her pussy the same way. She wanted more pleasure for herself and humiliation for him. And she got it.

When Dominica Angi invites Nikky to her house for a sleepover, they didn't know they would have so much fun. They start to play fight nude on the bed and when Dominica Angi pins Nikky, she puts her bare pussy on her face. She enjoys knowing that Nikky can't breathe without inhaling her hot scent into her lungs. She loves feeling her hot breath on her bare pussy and her struggles.

When Black Sharon decides to relax, she does it only in a bra. Rather than sit her naked ass on the sofa to watch tv, she calls her slave to the floor. As soon as he sits down, she sits on his face. She makes sure she covers his face with her round naked ass. He is to stay still so that she enjoys her tv time and has a chance to relax.

The sexy ebony Mistress Mlada sits down with her bare ass on the face of her slave labor Christopher. She is outside in the woods with her slave totally naked showing off her nice big tits and hot body as she sits on the skinny slaves face. He gets a nice taste of her light ebony ass and pussy in the woods as she bounces hard on top of him.

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