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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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Mistress Joss and her friend Sonny found this guy stalking them. They did not want to have someone follow them around and they had to make him stop. They lured him to their house and when he went, the mistresses forced him to lie down on the floor and they forced him to lick and smell their asses. To make the experience worse for him, they crushed his ass and farted on his face.

Mistress Elizabeth has a big ass. And she loves to facesit on people both as punishment for them and pleasure for her. But today she wanted something a little bit more. She facesat on her slave and humiliated him before she decided to make him lick her clitoris through her panty. She also made him lick her pussy the same way. She wanted more pleasure for herself and humiliation for him. And she got it.

Mistress Nita has a thing for facesitting. She not only enjoys it, but she knows that whoever she does it to will not enjoy it. She knows how bad it is to be on the receiving end and that is why she likes and enjoys it a lot. Today she was punishing her slave for not following instructions. She made him smell her sweaty and stinky ass before she let him go.

Mistress Kira and her friend Gretta have an ass fetish. They love to facesit on each other and make each other smell asses and lick asses. They like to wrestle a bit and whoever wins pins the other down and makes her do whatever she wants and she can. But today it more than made them do that. It was kind of foreplay and when they were done, they made out and had amazing sex.

Iwona wore tights and then set out to facesit on her boyfriend. She wanted to punish him but lied to him that it was her new fetish and that it turned her on. He agreed not knowing he was being punished

Jasmina knows how to tease. She teased her slave with strawberries but then still smothered his face with her ass. She wore a red panty and she enjoyed all that she did to the slave

Jane and Layla wanted to punish a slave, and they wanted to do it together. They got a slave and then facesat on him. While one smothered his face, the other one was on her stomach. And they were wearing their jeans

This slave messed with the wrong ladies. Both BBW, they decided that the fitting punishment for him would be facesitting on him. With all their weight being brought to bear on his poor face, he will learn not to make fun of BBW again. They face sat on him and made him smell their sweaty asses and pussies and pained him with their weights. At least he learnt his lesson.

When Sibilla and Maria decide to punish, they do it together. They don't care how he feels. Their slave has been in their wine so these leather clad ladies put him on the floor. They take turns putting their asses in his face. They don't care that he can't breathe. They make sure to press their full weight on his face and make sure he is told how worthless he is.

The gorgeous blonde and brunette American mean girls face sit the slave in their tight black dresses and they jump up and down on top of his stomach with their sexy bare feet. They are a mean two girl team who abuse and humiliate the slave casuing him pain as they stand and jump on his body and the two girls sit hard on his face with their dresses on.

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