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Mistress Liliana and mistress Marion were fed up with how this loser tried to con them all the time. They were not gullible enough to fall for his tricks but they were tired of him trying to do it. So they punished him by facesitting on him so as to make sure he would never do it again. They did it together and at the same time which made it even more painful.

Mistress Amrita and her boyfriend were bored. They chose to try something they had not tried before. They chose to try handjob as well as facesitting fetishes. The mistress gave her boyfriend a handjob and she did her best to make it as naughty as she could. And he, on the other hand, tried facesitting on her but it was not sexy. Instead, she facesat on him and this time, it was sexy. She used it to cum.

Mistress Tiffany was not happy with the fact that her slave had kept some of her change. She had sent him but he did not bring back all the change. He kept some of it for herself and she was pissed. She punished him by trampling him with her ass. She facesat on him and she choked him a little as a way to punish him. He could not even say anything as he knew he had been caught red-handed.

Madame Marissa has a fetish for facesitting. She loves it and she does it whenever she has a chance. Today the mistress decided to facesit on this loser. He had done nothing wrong. She just wanted to have fun at his expense and she did it for fun. She made him lie down and she slapped him before she got on top of him and she made him lick her ass.

Facesitting on slaves and losers is what this mistress loves doing. She enjoys it and does it whenever she has a chance. Today she came early from work so she had the time. She did not need her slave to have messed up for her to humiliate him. She did it without caring about what he had done. She facesat on him and had him lick her ass as she farted on him.

This mistress had paid for gym membership but her gym instructor was shitty. She did not like how he trained her. He was always looking at her boobs and her ass and did not concentrate on his job. So she plotted to punish him and she did it humiliatingly. She forced him to lie down and she crushed his face with her ass. He had to lick and smell her ass before she let him go. She farted to make it more humiliating.

Mistress Adriana likes to facesit on anyone who bothers her. Her new neighbor thought he could seduce her and fuck her but she had other ideas. She did not like his attitude but she kept it to herself. When she realized what he wanted, she facesat on him and humiliated him. She used her jeans to do it and she forced him to lick and smell her ass as well as her farts.

Mistress Gaia wanted to teach her slave some manners. He had been misbehaving recently and she did not want that to continue under her watch. She came home early from work today specifically to deal with him. She crushed his face with her ass and even made him lick her pussy discharge. She made him smell her farts and she crushed nose and his mouth and nearly choked him as he could not breathe properly.

This mistress knows how to get secrets out of guys. She is not one to use high heels or beating up slaves. She likes to use her ass. When she uses her ass, she can get any answer she wants. And that is what she did when she wanted to get a trade secret from a competitor company's employee. She flirted with him first of all and when it did not work, she crushed his face with her ass in jeans. It was painful and he agreed to tell her.

Mistress Svenja had seen facesitting fetish videos online as she was browsing and she wanted to try it. She knew there was a loser who had a crush on her down the street so she called him and when he came, she facesat on him and crushed his face with her ass. To spice things up, she made him lick her pussy as she rubbed her clit against his face.

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