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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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This guy admired lady Naomi and he wanted to get closer to her and eventually nail her. But she was not of the same opinion as him and she ended up humiliating him and teaching him a lesson that no one had ever taught him up until then. She had fun facesitting him with her sexy stockings and her underwear. He was both turned on and humiliated at the same time.

Goddess Stephanie wanted to get a raise from her boss but he was not easy to deal with. So she used a shortcut to get it. The mistress chose to use her naughtiness to get it as she had seen him check her out in secret. So instead of fucking him, she chose to facesit him and that was enough to get her the raise. She was also able to cum. He came in his pants too.

Mistress Dixie loves getting her pussy licked and that is what she had told this guy. But he did not do it as well as she had hoped he would and so she did not cum. She was frustrated as she had sucked his balls dry and she had expected the same from him. So she facesat him both as punishment and to make herself cum from rubbing her clit and pussy against his face.

Goddess Yasemin was chatting with her fans on video and one of her most loyal fans told her to do something fun for them. She did not want to do it for everyone so she took him off the public platform and took him private. He loved how she teased him. He saw part of her big tits and he also saw her sexy ass. The mistress also danced erotically for him and he loved every bit of it and even jerked off to it.

This guy tried to mess with mistress Jardena's sister. He had to be punished and the mistress did it with a view to make him change for good. The angry mistress used her facesitting fetish to torture him and make sure that he did it all the way he wanted. He choked as she sat on his face and he regretted why he had done what had pissed her off.

Mistress Zephy had a sudden urge to facesit this guy who had been hitting on her. She invited him to her house and when he tried to talk, she motioned for him to keep quiet. She threw him down and she lifted her skirt up to reveal her pussy as she was not wearing underwear. Then she facesat him and positioned her pussy on his mouth and he ate it without thinking twice. She played with her tits as he ate her out until she had multiple orgasms.

Mistress Cassie has a gorgeous and curvy ass. She loves to use it to mess with guys as they are not able to say no to her after they check out what she is able to do with it. Today the mistress used her curvy ass to get this guy turned on. She facesat him with it and he loved it. Then she asked him to lick it and he did.

This mistress is not a lesbian. But this lesbian thought she was and she hit on her. She politely told her she was not bisexual and she was not lesbian but the girl did not want to take no for an answer and she insisted. The mistress got fed up and she punished the girl by facesitting on her with her jeans. It was painful but the girl was turned on instead of being humiliated.

This guy misbehaved and thought that he could get away with it. But this mistress was on hand to make sure he would not. She used her facesitting fetish to teach him a lesson and to torture him. The poor guy was in the pain of a lifetime and he had to no choice but to endure the pain as well as the humiliation he was made to feel by the mistress.

Empress Victoria had an issue with how unreliable this guy was but he insisted on being with her and doing things with her. She felt that it was not ok for him to do what he had done and she went out of her way to force him to do things the way she wanted. That is why the mistress facesat on him in an effort to teach him a lesson.

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