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Lady Despina was bored and she needed something to do to pass time. She felt that she had to torture him and so she did it with her facesitting fetish. The mistress was clad in latex leggings and she facesat him while wearing them. In addition to that, she asked him if he wanted to get a taste of her strapon. He was scared and told her not to use it on him and she agreed.

Mizz Thyck has a big ass and she is proud of it. She never hesitates to use it to have fun and to take advantage of guys. She knows guys who would do anything to get a piece of her but she never messes up with anyone unless she is into him or her. And today she used the same ass to smother this guy and choked him besides making him feel incredible pain.

Mistress Maryan wanted someone who was not mouthy as a slave but this guy was too mouthy and she either had to send him away and get another one or she had to find a way to change him. She felt that changing him was the easiest option so she ass smothered him and got him to change as she had wanted. He had no choice but to change as she asked him to.

Madame Marissa had beef with her slave. She punished him by facesitting on him and also farting on him. He regretted what he had done and he learned his lesson after which he always avoided messing with her. He choked as the mistress tortured him and she was sure from his screams that he would learn his lesson and would not piss her off the way he had done previously.

Mistress Suzy wanted to punish her slave and still have fun at the same time. So she weighed her options and she settled on facesitting. The mistress went ahead and she facesat on him and she wiggled her ass on his face. In addition, the mistress also rubbed her clit and her pussy on his face until she came. She had a great time while the loser was having a nightmare.

Mistress Suzy has a sensitive ass. And her boyfriend knew that. He was not in the mood to fuck but he knew she was horny so he let her dominate him for fun. She lay on the bed and he facesat on her and rubbed her ass on his face. She took that chance to lick her ass and play with it and in no time, she was moaning until she came.

Madame Marissa was angry at her slave and she chose to punish him as cruelly as she could. She did not like the kind of work he did because it was horrible. She had to make him do better or be forced to fire him. She gave him a last chance but it was accompanied by trampling as well as facesitting. She did so using her jeans to make it more painful.

Mistresses Sonny, Daria as well as Britney wanted to try facesitting fetish. They were new mistresses and had never done this before. They were not even sure how to do it so they chose to do it together and egg each other on as opposed to doing it alone and not know whether to proceed or to stop. They managed to lure this loser to their house and they enjoyed facesitting on him together at the same time.

Mistress Natasha caught her slave sleeping instead of doing the chores she had given him. She was especially pissed because she had given him the chores in the morning. He had slept and watched movies all day and had not done anything. She did not want such level of laziness in her house so she facesat on him as she lay on the bed to teach him a cruel and painful lesson.

Lady Alice has a nice ass and she likes ass smothering people. She is the kind of person who likes to torture and to humiliate guys for no reason. She does not care about having a slave because she know she can get a slave whenever she feels like. Today she practiced what she wanted to do to the loser and she went out and she got one to do that to.

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