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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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When this mistress noticed that her classmate was all up in her business, she did not like it and he had to be punished as he did not stop when she asked him to. So she facesat on him today and had him lick and smell her ass and her farts. That is how he learned never to mess with her because he knew he would be punished for it.

This guy did not know what she was into. He was attracted to this mistress and liked it when she flirted with him and longed to bone her so he followed her blindly to her house where upon reaching, she turned on him and she used him as her human seat. She facesat on him and made him lick her ass. She tested his breath retention skills as he nearly choked.

Mistress Gaia is a professional slave punisher. She helps other mistresses teach their slaves a lesson. She usually gets paid to do it and today she had this slave to punish. She took her to the punishment chambers and she faecsat on him after tying him up and making sure he was not able to move and interfere with whatever she wanted to do to him. She also forced him to lick the soles of her heels and spat into his mouth before she was through with him.

When mistress Amber realized her slave was staring at her ass, she had an idea. She used that same ass to punish and humiliate him. She told him to lie down and she facesat on him. She was wearing her jeans which made it more painful. She had his hands tied so that he could not resist whatever she wanted to do to him and that gave her a free ride to do anything she wanted.

Mistress Michelle and Lady Lara wanted to make this slave lick and smell their asses. They also wanted to find out which one between jeans and a stinky ass was more effective at humiliating the slave. One facesat on the slave with her jeans while the other facesat on him while only wearing her thong. They were both humiliating since the jeans was painful and the ass with only the thong was stinky.

Goddess Amirha likes to do crazy things especially when she is bored. She had caught her slave looking at her ass and she knew he liked it. So she used it to have fun humiliating him. She made him lie down with a special facesitting box on his head. She then facesat on him while wearing only her underwear. He was both humiliated and excited by being facesat on by the mistress.

Anna is a sexy blonde mistress who loves to torture her slaves by sitting on their faces. Slaves are not worth anything, and this one deserves to have his face sat on. This slave loves to smell his mistress' ass and pussy, and she is wearing a sexy lingerie so she looks very hot and delectable. Anna makes sure he understands the value of her ass and pussy while she sits on him!

Lady Nicole was fed up with her slave. She had given him too many chances to rectify his behavior but he had squandered them. It was now time to pay. She facesat on him and humiliated him and degraded him. She did all sorts of things to him and made him realize that she meant business. He felt pain and humiliation and decided to change to avoid further torture and punishment from her.

With her big ass, this mistress knows that her ass is a good weapon to use in humiliating and punishing slaves and losers. She does not use anything else to punish and humiliate slaves. She just facesits on them and makes them endure her painful facesits and smell or sometimes lick her sweaty and smelly ass. She likes it because it makes it hard for them to breathe and they suffer under her.

This mistress was owed a favour by her boyfriend and she used it to try something she watched online. She made him lie down and then trampled and smothered his face with her ass and it felt good

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