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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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Mistress Gaia wanted this guy to bone her real good. But he did not do it as she expected it and he left her unsatisfied. She could not imagine that she had wasted her time with the loser so she humiliated him so that she could get something out of it. She facesat on him and choked him. She also had him lick and smell her ass and farts before she rode his face and rubbed her clit on his face until she came.

Mistress Gaia's girlfriend complained that she was not adventurous in bed and she did not do things like bondage and have hardcore sex with her. She kept quiet and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Her girlfriend followed her. She roughed her up and she made her lick her cunt and her ass. She took her to the bed and she facesat on her as she rubbed her clit on her face till she came. Then mistress Gaia roughed up her girlfriend till she came. It was a great experience for both of them.

This mistress did not want to forgive her slave for his mistake. He had begged her to forgive him but she did not want to. She wanted him to learn from his mistake so she punished him as cruelly as she could manage. She forced him to lie down and she facesat on him. She farted on him and had him lick and smell her stinky ass without a care in the world.

Mistress Amanda was wearing her jeans. She had read somewhere that it was the best to use to facesit on slaves and losers. She wanted to try it so she stretched as she wore it so as to get comfortable as she wore it. She had fun facesitting on the slave with it and true to what she had read, it was more painful for the loser she facesat on.

Mistress Anna and mistress Mia wanted to get this guy to quit so that they did not have to pay him. If they were to fire him, they would have had to pay him but they did not want to do that since he was incompetent. So the mistresses made him quit by trampling him and smothering his face with their asses. The cruel mistresses facesat on him and nearly choked him.

This hot mistress loves to sit and read books. Mostly she loves reading while smothering her slave's face. In this video she's wearing tight jeans which show off her ass really nicely and she's putting her full weight on her slave. He loves it, he loves being used as an object of furniture. Mistress can be so brutal but she expects her slave to take whatever torture she gives him.

Mistress Kira and her friend Gretta have an ass fetish. They love to facesit on each other and make each other smell asses and lick asses. They like to wrestle a bit and whoever wins pins the other down and makes her do whatever she wants and she can. But today it more than made them do that. It was kind of foreplay and when they were done, they made out and had amazing sex.

Curvy and hot girl Tina sits in a chair relaxing and she's looking down at the face of her ex-boyfriend. She made him put his head in a stool with his face sticking up through the seat pad. She stands up and lowers her big jeans ass down on his face. Her curvy ass spreads over his entire face and he starts to smother but she just smiles and lets him smother.

Svenja is a delicious blonde with a big tasty ass that looks glorious in her tight jeans. While preparing for her facesitting session with her slave, she had him lie on a thin seat cushion. She wanted to hang her legs over the side so she could completely cover his face with her ass. She lowers her full weight down on his face and her sexy jeans ass spreads over his head smothering him.

This slave might be helpless but he doesn't want to help himself. He is waiting for his mistress Jessy to dominate him and dominating him means that he gets to feel her ass on his face when she starts facesitting on him. He even likes it when his air is cut off and he starts to smother. That's when he breathes in only the sweet smell of her jeans ass and pussy.

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