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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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This mistress was horny and she wanted to cum. But she did not want to masturbate to achieve it. She jumped at the chance that presented itself when this loser went to see her. She teased him and she used that chance to facesit on him. She rubbed her ass, her pussy and her clit on his face until she came. Then she left the guy high and dry by teasing and denying him.

Facesitting on slaves and losers is what this mistress loves doing. She enjoys it and does it whenever she has a chance. Today she came early from work so she had the time. She did not need her slave to have messed up for her to humiliate him. She did it without caring about what he had done. She facesat on him and had him lick her ass as she farted on him.

Mistress Sinovia has a lovely butt. She likes to use it as a tool for punishment of slaves and since she started, she has only gotten better at it. She likes to use it to choke guys and humiliate them by facesitting on them and making them smell as well as lick her ass. She enjoys feeling their faces on her butt and how their wiggle and wriggle while trying to free themselves.

Mistress Kira is a hot mistress who likes to take advantage of her beauty to humiliate guys. She likes to lie to them that it is her fetish and it turns her on then has fun making guys do humiliating things while she enjoys it. Today she made a guy lick and smell her ass as she facesat on him. He did not know it was all for her enjoyment and none was meant for him.

Mistress Kira and her friend Gretta have an ass fetish. They love to facesit on each other and make each other smell asses and lick asses. They like to wrestle a bit and whoever wins pins the other down and makes her do whatever she wants and she can. But today it more than made them do that. It was kind of foreplay and when they were done, they made out and had amazing sex.

Jasmina knows how to tease. She teased her slave with strawberries but then still smothered his face with her ass. She wore a red panty and she enjoyed all that she did to the slave

This guy was trampled and his face smothered with her ass, but he did not feel as bad as those who are smothered with jeans. The mistress removed her pants and remained with her thong and used her ass to smother his face. Her ass is sexy and he had fun looking at it, smelling it and feeling it against his face

This mistress is clinical in her facesitting. She has no hurry while doing it, and whoever her slave or victim is, he or she has to feel it. She uses denim to smother the slave's face and does it slowly

Katharina never has enough when it comes to punishing and humiliating her slaves. She can do it any time anywhere. She took her slave and then rode him like a horse before facesitting on him and making it hard for him to breathe as she smothered his face with her ass

Saya is one of the few girls out there who know how to face sit and subject a slave to a good domination experience. She took a slave and face sat on him while wearing her jeans. The pain he felt was excruciating, but it he was aware of the whip she had in her hand, which was ready to land on him should he prove to be uncooperative in any way.

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