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When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with a loser who did not want to do things the right way, she knew it was high time for her to do something about it and she did it with her facesitting fetish. As she sat on his face, she choked him a little and she had fun torturing as well as humiliating him both for fun and to pass a message.

This mistress hates snitches and when she found out that her friend had snitched on her, she had to deal with her the way she needed to be dealt with. That is why the mistress facesat her with her bare ass. She had not showered and she had pussy discharge which her friend also had to lick. Her friend also had to lick her sweaty and stinky ass before she was allowed to leave.

Goddess Yasemin was chatting with her fans on video and one of her most loyal fans told her to do something fun for them. She did not want to do it for everyone so she took him off the public platform and took him private. He loved how she teased him. He saw part of her big tits and he also saw her sexy ass. The mistress also danced erotically for him and he loved every bit of it and even jerked off to it.

Mistress Adora and her friends were shocked to learn that they were all played by the same guy. They were pissed about it and they laid a trap for him. They then went on to facesit him as punishment for what he had done since he had not been honest with them. He was choked, humiliated and made to cry and beg for mercy from them before they let him go.

Mistress Zephy had a sudden urge to facesit this guy who had been hitting on her. She invited him to her house and when he tried to talk, she motioned for him to keep quiet. She threw him down and she lifted her skirt up to reveal her pussy as she was not wearing underwear. Then she facesat him and positioned her pussy on his mouth and he ate it without thinking twice. She played with her tits as he ate her out until she had multiple orgasms.

Empress Victoria had an issue with how unreliable this guy was but he insisted on being with her and doing things with her. She felt that it was not ok for him to do what he had done and she went out of her way to force him to do things the way she wanted. That is why the mistress facesat on him in an effort to teach him a lesson.

This loser messed with the wrong people and he lived to regret it as the mistresses made sure he learned his lesson the hard and painful way. The mistresses took turns dominating him by facesitting on him. As he tried his best to endure what the mistresses were doing to him, he realized that it was becoming worse and he not only peed his pants, but he also nearly shit himself.

This guy was too foulmouthed for goddess Kiffa and she had to deal with him the best way she knew. She did this by torturing him with her ass and facesitting him was the best way to do so. He cried as he felt the pain and the humiliation but she did not care what he felt. All she wanted was to punish him and she succeeded in doing so to him.

Mistress Iside knew her neighbor had the hots for her and she had a free day today so she did not mind hanging out with him even though she knew he would not get the cookie. The mistress enjoyed turning him into her ass slave and she facesat on him. The benefit for him was to lick and smell her ass which he did as she sat on his face.

This guy had invited lady Scarlet and her friend to go clubbing and have fun but he was stingy and they did not have the kind of fun they had expected to have. The mistresses went back home with him but instead of the fun he expected to have with them, the girls facesat on him and made him an ass slave. He had to lick and smell their assholes.

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