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Mistress Stephanie is big on courtesy and she found out that it was exactly what this guy lacked. She had to educate him on the benefits and need to be courteous. He ignored her and she was not going to let him get away with it so she facesat him and she used her pussy to cover his nose and mouth. He was shocked and humiliated so he agreed to change as she wanted.

Mistress Vee did not care how old this guy was and she had to treat him like the asshole he was. Other people gave him a pass because of his age but she felt that he was taking advantage of it to do things he knew were wrong. So she facesat him and made him shit himself as he panicked at what she did to him. That is how he stopped being an asshole.

Mistress Ariel did not feel like this guy was being a good example to the other slaves. She had to punish him and she did it by using her ass. She facesat him and humiliated him like never before. He thought that he could bribe her but he could not and she did not want to hear anything else he said. He had to endure all the humiliation he could.

Mistress Jardena was having trouble making this guy concentrate and understand what she was communicating to her. She was so pissed at him as a result and she had to make him change. The mistress forced the guy to lie down and she used her high heel and her ass to humiliate him. First of all she facesat him with her ass and when she was done with that, she trampled him with her high heels.

Lady Ayse noticed that her boyfriend's brother seemed to be infatuated with her and she felt a little uncomfortable. She had to tell him off and she did. But he did not change. Since she did not want to create enmity between brothers, she chose to deal with the issue on her own. She had him lick her feet and boots before she facesat him to make him realize she did not want to mess with him.

Mistress Adora and her friends were shocked to learn that they were all played by the same guy. They were pissed about it and they laid a trap for him. They then went on to facesit him as punishment for what he had done since he had not been honest with them. He was choked, humiliated and made to cry and beg for mercy from them before they let him go.

Lady Despina was bored and she needed something to do to pass time. She felt that she had to torture him and so she did it with her facesitting fetish. The mistress was clad in latex leggings and she facesat him while wearing them. In addition to that, she asked him if he wanted to get a taste of her strapon. He was scared and told her not to use it on him and she agreed.

Goddess Fatima was horny and it would have been easy to satisfy her and make her cum because she was already halfway there but this guy was a one minute man and it pissed her off. She was so mad at him that she facesat on him to express her dissatisfaction at his inability to make her cum. He had to learn to do better otherwise he would be single for the rest of his life.

When this mistress noticed that her classmate was all up in her business, she did not like it and he had to be punished as he did not stop when she asked him to. So she facesat on him today and had him lick and smell her ass and her farts. That is how he learned never to mess with her because he knew he would be punished for it.

This client was a pain in the ass and mistress Adrianna had to deal with him. He had to be punished so that he knew the boundaries between being a customer and being more than that. The mistress used her jeans to crush his face and to make him realize that she would not condone his behavior and that it had to end that very day unless he wanted to experience worse than she had made him experience.

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