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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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Lady Cathy did not like how this guy had lied to her. She wanted to have a great orgasm with him but he did not even make her cum. She was pissed at him for wasting her time and she punished him for it. She crushed his face with her ass and given that she is a bbw mistress, she did a lot of damage by sitting on his face.

Mistress Kira and her friend Gretta have an ass fetish. They love to facesit on each other and make each other smell asses and lick asses. They like to wrestle a bit and whoever wins pins the other down and makes her do whatever she wants and she can. But today it more than made them do that. It was kind of foreplay and when they were done, they made out and had amazing sex.

Katharina likes to use her slave as a workout implement in her fitness routine. She tricks him into trying to attack her, and then she makes her move. She easily tackles and pins him down, forcing him to smell her firm ass in shorts and then her little red thong. This loser slave is no match for Katharina's power, and he can only surrender to her ultimate dominance.

Manuela is a very cute and adorable young girl who is already very good at dominating her slave. This time she uses facesitting to humiliate her slave. She lowers down on to his face with her jeans ass and covers his nose and mouth with her crotch. He starts to smother but she just pushes down harder flattening his face with her sexy ass. She puts him in several positions as well.

Saya is one of the few girls out there who know how to face sit and subject a slave to a good domination experience. She took a slave and face sat on him while wearing her jeans. The pain he felt was excruciating, but it he was aware of the whip she had in her hand, which was ready to land on him should he prove to be uncooperative in any way.

Janette was facesitting on her slave and smothering her with her ass when she realised that it was not as effective as she wanted it to be. So she decided to remove her trouser and smother his face with her ass while only wearing her panty. That way, she would also make him smell and sniff her sweaty and smell ass. Poor slave had to endure it all without a word.

Amanda was bored with her sex life and wanted to spice it up a bit. She wanted to dominate her boyfriend, and she found a good way to do that. She told him to lie on the sofa and then enjoyed smothering his face with her ass and facesitting on him. This was actually working as her agony was starting to turn her on, and it led to them having a great time.

Stella is a fun mistress with a very hot body. She enjoys getting dressed up, so she can totally tease her slave. However, the most important part of her job as a mistress is her ability to smother her slave. She takes her ass and pussy and smashes it right on the slave's face. Her slave will get the best sniff of her asshole and pussy.

Amanda is such a lovely girl with her newly manicured nails. She loves to enjoy relaxing and having a good time with her slave. Her slave has been trained to be her seat cushion while she examines her new nails. The slave enjoys having Amanda's tight jeans on his face smothering him, but he really loves to smell her fresh pussy and asshole on the tip of his nose.

Mistress Mercedes loves to smother her slaves. She is going to put on a one piece body suit that flatters her body to it's fullest. She then will sit down on a slave's face. The slave is going to totally enjoy having Mistress Mercedes smash her ass and pussy down on his face. She will rub and smother his face, so he gets every bit of her scent.

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