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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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Mercedes loves to tease and torture her ridiculous ass slave. She knows he's utterly helpless against her power and beauty, and he barely puts up a fight when she ruthlessly sits on his face, shoving his nose and mouth into her pussy and ass. She grinds her ass in a thong right on his head, an even shoves his head inside her tights until he can barely breathe.

Yvonne had spent a lot of time in the office seating down and when she reached home, she wanted a soft chair. She wanted a human chair and made the slave bear her full weight

Amanda was bored with her sex life and wanted to spice it up a bit. She wanted to dominate her boyfriend, and she found a good way to do that. She told him to lie on the sofa and then enjoyed smothering his face with her ass and facesitting on him. This was actually working as her agony was starting to turn her on, and it led to them having a great time.

Jane wanted to teach Layla how to smother and facesit on a slave. So she got a slave and then started showing Layla how it is done. She took the slave and made him lie down. Then with her jeans, smothered his face with her ass, until he could not breathe properly and then told Layla to try it, which she did superbly you wouldn't have known it was her first time.

Janette was not amused by her stalker. So she decided to end it once and for all. She invited him to her place, and when he arrived, she pretended that they would have fun, but she pushed him down and then facesat on him. She likes facesitting on people she does not like and those who wrong her. She smothered the stalker with her ass and made him smell her ass.

The ever sexy Mistress Alice and Mistress Maria are having some fun with their female slave Bambinas face as they sit on it with their sexy round asses and smother it with their full weight. These two sexy mistresses pin her down and take turns facesitting on top of her and smothering her with their full weight as she struggles to get free and for fresh as while they humiliate her.

Jessica strays from time to time and needs new human furniture. She decides that Gommolos face is going to be perfect for what she needs. She doesn't even care if he is ready to be smothered and have her sit on his face. He is going to get crushed by her perfect ass, but he cannot complain or else she is going to get mad and really brutalize him.

Sexy Goldie is such a good fun time. She has huge tits that can barely fit into her bra. She also loves to sit directly on top of her slave boy's face. How can he not like having her smother her ass all over him. She has a great body and a matching sadistic mind that is all about domination and facesitting. She is a true domina.

Teodora loves to show Kacie's face who is boss. Kacie's face might end up getting a real workout, but that is the price you pay when you mess with Teodora. Teodora is going to ride her face really good, and make sure Kacie gets the point when she is done. Wow, what a hot site to see when Kacie realizes she is no match for Teodora and her ass.

Slave Jessica has seen better days. She is completely paralyzed by being riden by Monica Mattos. Boy, this is going to be a wild time with this super hot Brazilian hottie, but that is just the way things are going to be. No one is going to complain and Monica is going to get what she wants. Facesitting at her finest, and she loves it.

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