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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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Mistress Misty learned about facestting fetish and she wanted to use it on her boyfriend. She knew he loved to be dominated and she had run out of ideas of what to do to him as he kept demanding more from her. She made him lie on the couch and she facesat on him. She got him to lick and smell her ass and she even slapped him. He loved it.

Mistresses Sonny, Daria as well as Britney wanted to try facesitting fetish. They were new mistresses and had never done this before. They were not even sure how to do it so they chose to do it together and egg each other on as opposed to doing it alone and not know whether to proceed or to stop. They managed to lure this loser to their house and they enjoyed facesitting on him together at the same time.

This mistress loves to dance on the face's of losers and slaves using her ass. She loves it so much because it makes her happy. She has a lot of fun doing it and her friend wanted to try it. So she invited her friend when she was doing it today and the two of them had a great time facesitting on the guy and having him lick and smell their asses.

This mistress did not want to forgive her slave for his mistake. He had begged her to forgive him but she did not want to. She wanted him to learn from his mistake so she punished him as cruelly as she could manage. She forced him to lie down and she facesat on him. She farted on him and had him lick and smell her stinky ass without a care in the world.

Mistress Daria is a sexy mistress who enjoys spending time with her slave instead of other men. But her slave had pissed her off and she had to punish him. She used her ass to do it. She facesat on him and he cried and begged for mercy because besides being painful, it was humiliating and he was choking. She knew when to let him breathe so as not to choke.

Mistress Joss and Meg lied to this guy that they wanted a threesome. But in real sense, what they wanted was to humiliate him and that is what they did. They forced him to lie on the bed and they used their asses to humiliate him. He was forced to retain his breath so as not to choke and he was also asked to smell the mistress' asses and their farts.

This mistress and her friend wanted to have fun but there was nothing interesting for them to do or watch. Even the internet was boring for some reason. So the mistresses decided to have fun at the expense of the loser who lived next door. The mistresses invited him to their house where they facesat on him and crushed his balls. One mistress sat on his face and the other on his balls and they enjoyed all that they did to him.

Mistresses Teodora and her friends Maya and Sonny are free spirited and enjoy trying all sorts of things. Today they decided to try facesitting fetish. They got one slave and took turns to humiliate him. Mistress Teodora went first. She facesat on him slowly and had fun ordering him to lick and smell her ass. She also crushed his balls lightly using her bare feet as she facesat on him.

When Sibilla and Maria decide to punish, they do it together. They don't care how he feels. Their slave has been in their wine so these leather clad ladies put him on the floor. They take turns putting their asses in his face. They don't care that he can't breathe. They make sure to press their full weight on his face and make sure he is told how worthless he is.

Gia is a woman that enjoys her girl friends. She talks to them about the things going on in her life and doesn't mind showing them what she does. She tells her friend Calina about being a facesitting mistress and she wants to try it. Gia puts her on the sofa, makes her lay down. She then sits gently on her face, making her smell her through her denim. As she gets used to it, Calina gets her full weight.

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