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Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

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Jessica had missed her facesitting session, and was looking to trample someone with her ass. Her sexy ass was longing to sit on a slave's face and inflict some pain on it. For good measure, she made sure that her ass was sweaty and stinking so that he could smell it as well when she was giving him a facesit. She's a sadist like that and she likes it.

Two beautiful Russian girls Katja and Ljuba have their slave right where they want him. They have him trapped in their facesitting ottoman where his face sticks up and becomes a human seat. They both sit on his face and smoke then start straddling his face in different positions, smothering him and smashing his face down. They have a wonderful time just sitting around on his face with their sexy tight jeans.

When Dominica Angi invites Nikky to her house for a sleepover, they didn't know they would have so much fun. They start to play fight nude on the bed and when Dominica Angi pins Nikky, she puts her bare pussy on her face. She enjoys knowing that Nikky can't breathe without inhaling her hot scent into her lungs. She loves feeling her hot breath on her bare pussy and her struggles.

Alice and her friend are really good at smothering slaves. Both babes have great ass's, so they naturally are going to use their ass's for good use. They will sit right on the face of a slave so he is able to smell all of their scents. From their ass to their pussy's, the slave is going to get quite the nose full to enjoy.

Mercedes makes her slave her submissive seating cushion as she bounces up and down on top of his face with her ample behind in her red thong. He gets his nose pounded by her ass and pussy as she rides him like a horse making him get a face full of the smell of her sexy ass and pussy. The slaves face is going to come out bruised after this.

Mistress Kathrin has a big beautiful round ass and she crushes the slaves face with it as she face sits on top of him with her big sexy behind. She is wearing her black stockings and her black thong as she face sits her slave who is quickly running out of oxygen underneath the full weight of the big ass of Mistress Kathrin. smell the ass of this sexy girl.

Melena will do anything and everything for her soft cozy bed. She will battle Suzi for her bed, and will do anything she has to, just to keep her bed all to herself. Suzi tries to fight, but Melena is sitting right on her face. Suzi stands no chance against Melena and all of her strength. Suzi is getting a face full of Melena's ass.

Svenja loves to wear tight denim jeans on her perfect body. She has gorgeous long legs and high heel black boots. She is going to have her lame slave lay down so that she is able to sit on her slave's face. She is going to smother her ass all over her slave's face. He is going to take all of her weight on his face.

Sometimes Mia can be a naughty girl, therefore Tatiana needs to put her in her place so that she knows she can't act out. Tatiana is great at wrestling and has no problem sitting on Mia's face wearing only a tiny g string. Mia is then forced to smell the ass crack of Tatiana until Mia feels like she has learned a valuable lesson about misbehaving and being out of control.

Rashida is a lovely naturally dominant female with a super naughty twist. She loves to put on her pretty panties and sit on Hailey's face. Hailey doesn't seem to mind, because she gets a close up view of Rashida. A gorgeous brunette with an amazing body isn't anything to get upset about. Hailey gets her face smashed with Rashida's amazing crotch in her face.

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