Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

This guy loves big asses and he definitely loved the one of mistress Dana. She could see it and she flaunted it. He loved what he saw but he did not know it was a trap. She wanted to facesit on him and him loving her ass was perfect for what she wanted to do. The mistress lured him to her house where after flirting with him for a bit, she got what she wanted which was to facesit on him.

Lady Amy likes to live in peace with her neighbors but this one was a bad neighbor and he had to be punished. She did not want him to take advantage of her silence to think that it was ok for him to go around messing and being careless. He did not think about other people and he had to pay for it. The mistress used her jeans to facesit on him because she knew it was painful.

Mistress Alisha did not like how her slave described her as fat. He had to be punished and he was cruelly punished. The mistress did not like what he had said and she had to make him be sensitive. She used her big ass to facesit on him. And she did it while eating his favorite snack which was hamburgers. He was double punished as he had to enjoy the smell while being choked and facesat on.

Mistress Sasha was horny and she wanted to be fucked the way she deserved. She is an adventurous mistress and she wanted to try something different today. So she tied up her boyfriend and she facesat on him. She rode his face and had him lick her pussy as well as her ass. She then bent over and let her continue doing it. She was so horny that his tongue was not enough so she supplemented it with her fingers as she rubbed her clit.

Mistress Suzy has a sensitive ass. And her boyfriend knew that. He was not in the mood to fuck but he knew she was horny so he let her dominate him for fun. She lay on the bed and he facesat on her and rubbed her ass on his face. She took that chance to lick her ass and play with it and in no time, she was moaning until she came.

Goddess Nika knew this guy wanted to smash her ass. She has a sexy ass and she knows most men would kill to have that chance. But she wanted to have fun at his expense so she pretended that the tasting she understood and the one he understood were different. She made it literal in that he had to literally lick her ass and even her asshole. She then told him that was it yet he was waiting to smash her.

Mistress Misty learned about facestting fetish and she wanted to use it on her boyfriend. She knew he loved to be dominated and she had run out of ideas of what to do to him as he kept demanding more from her. She made him lie on the couch and she facesat on him. She got him to lick and smell her ass and she even slapped him. He loved it.

This mistress was horny and she wanted to cum. But she did not want to masturbate to achieve it. She jumped at the chance that presented itself when this loser went to see her. She teased him and she used that chance to facesit on him. She rubbed her ass, her pussy and her clit on his face until she came. Then she left the guy high and dry by teasing and denying him.

Mistress Gaia wanted this guy to bone her real good. But he did not do it as she expected it and he left her unsatisfied. She could not imagine that she had wasted her time with the loser so she humiliated him so that she could get something out of it. She facesat on him and choked him. She also had him lick and smell her ass and farts before she rode his face and rubbed her clit on his face until she came.

Madame Marissa was angry at her slave and she chose to punish him as cruelly as she could. She did not like the kind of work he did because it was horrible. She had to make him do better or be forced to fire him. She gave him a last chance but it was accompanied by trampling as well as facesitting. She did so using her jeans to make it more painful.

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