Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

When Svenja trains her slaves, she even trains them when she is in the office. She takes them with her and uses their face as a seat cushion. She puts her denim covered ass in his face, sitting there to enjoy her cigarette. As she sits there, she tells him the rules of her house and what will happen if he does not please her. She does this through the day.

When Sibilla and Maria decide to punish, they do it together. They don't care how he feels. Their slave has been in their wine so these leather clad ladies put him on the floor. They take turns putting their asses in his face. They don't care that he can't breathe. They make sure to press their full weight on his face and make sure he is told how worthless he is.

When Emely buys a pair of new jeans, she has to break them in. She knows that she needs something hot on the crotch of her pants to make that happen. She calls her slave in and puts him on the floor. As soon as he is down, she sits her full weight on him, making sure all his hot breath comes onto her jeans. She doesn't care that he can't breathe. She has to break her jeans in.

When Annabel-Massina decides her slave needs a treat, she gives it to him. She dresses in fishnet lingerie with no thongs. she lays him on the bed and puts her bare pussy on his face. She sits then she kneels and allows him to lick and suck her bare pussy. She knows that he enjoys her smell but he becomes addicted to her taste. This is how she keeps her slave obedient.

When Black Sharon decides to relax, she does it only in a bra. Rather than sit her naked ass on the sofa to watch tv, she calls her slave to the floor. As soon as he sits down, she sits on his face. She makes sure she covers his face with her round naked ass. He is to stay still so that she enjoys her tv time and has a chance to relax.

When Kathrin gets up, her slaves better be in place. There is one that she loves and she puts him at her vanity. When she finishes showering, she dresses in her thong and lingerie. She sits on her slave's face, making him inhale her fresh scent. She enjoys her seat as she gets dressed for the day. As soon as she is ready, she gets up and makes sure he remembers who he belongs to for the day.

Gia is a woman that enjoys her girl friends. She talks to them about the things going on in her life and doesn't mind showing them what she does. She tells her friend Calina about being a facesitting mistress and she wants to try it. Gia puts her on the sofa, makes her lay down. She then sits gently on her face, making her smell her through her denim. As she gets used to it, Calina gets her full weight.

When her slave misbehaves, Tina takes immediate action. Tina immediately puts him on the floor and sits on his face. She doesn't care if he can't breathe, he should have listened to what she ordered him to do. She puts her full weight on his face as she tells him how silly he was for disobeying her. She tells him that he is stupid and deserves the punishment she gives him.

When her slave misbehaves, Mistress BlackDiamond knows how to punish him. She enjoys having her slave lie flat on a table, strapped down. She places a blindfold over his eyes and climbs on the table with him. She revels her thong covered ass and sits directly on his face. As she presses her full weight on him, she tells him how worthless he is and that he doesn't deserve to see her perfect ass as it descends on his face.

When Ariel Black walks into the room, her slaves know just what they are supposed to do. She puts them one on the bed and one on the floor. She loves showing her round gold covered ass before putting it in their faces. She enjoys putting her full weight down on their face, smothering them and making them inhale her scent. She does it every morning so they know who they belong to through the day.

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