Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

This BBW likes facesitting on her slaves. But on this day, she wanted to facesit on not one but two slaves. For fun, she decided to have male and female slaves and smother their faces with her huge ass. They were both powerless against her as she trampled them and smothered her ass on their faces. But at least they can share the pain and agony instead of one person bearing the brunt.

These two women had a common enemy whom they wanted to punish. So they hunted him down and then hatched the perfect plan to punish him and make him cry like a little bitch. They pinned him down and then trampled on him and smothered his face with their asses in jeans until he begged for forgiveness. But these girls would not hear any of it. They were enjoying it.

Amanda was bored with her sex life and wanted to spice it up a bit. She wanted to dominate her boyfriend, and she found a good way to do that. She told him to lie on the sofa and then enjoyed smothering his face with her ass and facesitting on him. This was actually working as her agony was starting to turn her on, and it led to them having a great time.

Jessica had missed her facesitting session, and was looking to trample someone with her ass. Her sexy ass was longing to sit on a slave's face and inflict some pain on it. For good measure, she made sure that her ass was sweaty and stinking so that he could smell it as well when she was giving him a facesit. She's a sadist like that and she likes it.

Kathrin was mad at her boyfriend for not remembering her birthday. She decided not to let it go and that she would punish him. She was clad in her hot pant, and he thought that she wanted to have fun. But she had not wiped her ass well, and left the stench for him. She pinned him down and smothered his face with her ass and sat on his face as punishment.

Zoe loves facesitting on her boyfriend. She facesits on him once a week, and it was that time of the week. So he lay down and let her come on top of her and smother her ass all over his face. He was in discomfort, but he knew that she could do worse things to him if he dared protest about that move. So he endured this humiliating ordeal like a man.

Most mistresses facesit on their slaves with their jeans and with their clothes still on. But not Cleo. When she facesits on a slave, she wants it to be effective, and she pulls up her skirt and remains with her panty and then smothers his face and sits on his face. Besides her weight, she also makes him bear the smell and in fact sniff and smell it and she requires him to enjoy it all.

Xenia had watched videos of mistresses facesitting on their slaves, and she was mesmerized and wanted to try it. So she got a slave of her own and then took her sweet time sitting on his chest as well as facesitting on him and making her full weight bear on his poor face. His cries and discomfort did not deter her from her mission to become a facesitting queen and supremo.

This slave messed with the wrong ladies. Both BBW, they decided that the fitting punishment for him would be facesitting on him. With all their weight being brought to bear on his poor face, he will learn not to make fun of BBW again. They face sat on him and made him smell their sweaty asses and pussies and pained him with their weights. At least he learnt his lesson.

Jane wanted to teach Layla how to smother and facesit on a slave. So she got a slave and then started showing Layla how it is done. She took the slave and made him lie down. Then with her jeans, smothered his face with her ass, until he could not breathe properly and then told Layla to try it, which she did superbly you wouldn't have known it was her first time.

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