Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Melena will do anything and everything for her soft cozy bed. She will battle Suzi for her bed, and will do anything she has to, just to keep her bed all to herself. Suzi tries to fight, but Melena is sitting right on her face. Suzi stands no chance against Melena and all of her strength. Suzi is getting a face full of Melena's ass.

It just doesn't get any better when you have three super hot chicks together. It gets even better when the ladies decide to sit on their favorite little girl named Bambina. Bambina is going to find out what the ladies smell like when each lady puts their ass directly on Bambina's nose. She is going to love all the attention from the ladies and their ass's.

Emma is so sexy, but she is also very dominate and loves to show Chris that she is in charge. Chris tries to resist and get Emma to take it easy on his face, but Emma is going to make him know that she is in control and she is going to rub her ass all over his face. Chris is going to have to just lay there and take it.

Svenja loves to wear tight denim jeans on her perfect body. She has gorgeous long legs and high heel black boots. She is going to have her lame slave lay down so that she is able to sit on her slave's face. She is going to smother her ass all over her slave's face. He is going to take all of her weight on his face.

Mistress Mercedes might seem brutal, but when she is wearing her sexy outfit, her slave can't help but be turned on. Her perfect ass directly on his face can't be that bad. He gets to enjoy a wonderful view, but also sniff her perfect ass. Mistress Mercedes is one brutal dominatrix, but she is also so sexy. Her slave is going to have a great time under her ass.

A very sexy brunette in pretty panties is going to show her servant that he is pretty much the lowest form of the earth. Not only does she look great in her panties, but she is going to rock back and forth on his face to let him know that she means business. The slave will get the ripe smell of her ass over and over again.

Sometimes Mia can be a naughty girl, therefore Tatiana needs to put her in her place so that she knows she can't act out. Tatiana is great at wrestling and has no problem sitting on Mia's face wearing only a tiny g string. Mia is then forced to smell the ass crack of Tatiana until Mia feels like she has learned a valuable lesson about misbehaving and being out of control.

Mia never takes a challenge lightly. When it comes to beating Sam, she knows she is in for a challenge. Sam may have some weight on her, and should be able to take Mia, but Mia is on a mission to win this match. It is a battle of the dominant, and it looks like Mia is going to win this challenge. Sam is totally pinned down.

Jessica strays from time to time and needs new human furniture. She decides that Gommolos face is going to be perfect for what she needs. She doesn't even care if he is ready to be smothered and have her sit on his face. He is going to get crushed by her perfect ass, but he cannot complain or else she is going to get mad and really brutalize him.

Sexy Goldie is such a good fun time. She has huge tits that can barely fit into her bra. She also loves to sit directly on top of her slave boy's face. How can he not like having her smother her ass all over him. She has a great body and a matching sadistic mind that is all about domination and facesitting. She is a true domina.

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