Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

When Aileen Taylor comes into the house, she sometimes wants to play with her slave. She will get dressed in her sexy thong, bra and stockings before she calls her slave into the room. She orders him on the floor and tells him not to lick or suck her pussy or ass. She sits on his face and lets him inhale her scent. She loves teasing him and making him want to lick her, knowing he can't.

When Svenjas gets a new pair of denim shorts, she falls in love with them. She calls her slave into the room and makes him lay down. She puts her denim covered crotch in his face, making him inhale her pussy smell. She tells him how much she loves her new shorts and how they turn her on. She lets him smell her pussy juices as they leak from her.

When Empress CruelOn decides to have fun, it's at her slave's expense. She calls him into her living room and orders him to lay on the sofa. She pulls up her dress and puts her thong covered ass in his face. She loves knowing that he is breathing her scent in. She doesn't give him permission to lick or suck her ass or pussy so she also knows that he is struggling to control his need to lick her.

When Lady Sharon comes home, she strips and gets naked. She calls her slave to her and handcuffs him. She puts him on the couch and puts her bare ass in his face. She sits down and covers him completely. As soon as she sits, she begins to relax. He has to inhale all of her scent into him so that he can breathe. The entire time, she is reminding him who he belongs to.

When Dominica Angi invites Nikky to her house for a sleepover, they didn't know they would have so much fun. They start to play fight nude on the bed and when Dominica Angi pins Nikky, she puts her bare pussy on her face. She enjoys knowing that Nikky can't breathe without inhaling her hot scent into her lungs. She loves feeling her hot breath on her bare pussy and her struggles.

When Svenja trains her slaves, she even trains them when she is in the office. She takes them with her and uses their face as a seat cushion. She puts her denim covered ass in his face, sitting there to enjoy her cigarette. As she sits there, she tells him the rules of her house and what will happen if he does not please her. She does this through the day.

When Sibilla and Maria decide to punish, they do it together. They don't care how he feels. Their slave has been in their wine so these leather clad ladies put him on the floor. They take turns putting their asses in his face. They don't care that he can't breathe. They make sure to press their full weight on his face and make sure he is told how worthless he is.

When Emely buys a pair of new jeans, she has to break them in. She knows that she needs something hot on the crotch of her pants to make that happen. She calls her slave in and puts him on the floor. As soon as he is down, she sits her full weight on him, making sure all his hot breath comes onto her jeans. She doesn't care that he can't breathe. She has to break her jeans in.

When Annabel-Massina decides her slave needs a treat, she gives it to him. She dresses in fishnet lingerie with no thongs. she lays him on the bed and puts her bare pussy on his face. She sits then she kneels and allows him to lick and suck her bare pussy. She knows that he enjoys her smell but he becomes addicted to her taste. This is how she keeps her slave obedient.

When Black Sharon decides to relax, she does it only in a bra. Rather than sit her naked ass on the sofa to watch tv, she calls her slave to the floor. As soon as he sits down, she sits on his face. She makes sure she covers his face with her round naked ass. He is to stay still so that she enjoys her tv time and has a chance to relax.

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