Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

This mistress was pissed off when this guy made fun of her weight. She was pissed but it did not affect her self esteem like other mistresses are affected when they are humiliated or made fun of. But she had to make sure the guy never did that again so she dragged his ass to her house nearby and she used her big ass to crush him and his face till he begged for mercy and promised to apologize to those he had hurt and never to do it again.

This mistress knows how to get secrets out of guys. She is not one to use high heels or beating up slaves. She likes to use her ass. When she uses her ass, she can get any answer she wants. And that is what she did when she wanted to get a trade secret from a competitor company's employee. She flirted with him first of all and when it did not work, she crushed his face with her ass in jeans. It was painful and he agreed to tell her.

Mistress Svenja had seen facesitting fetish videos online as she was browsing and she wanted to try it. She knew there was a loser who had a crush on her down the street so she called him and when he came, she facesat on him and crushed his face with her ass. To spice things up, she made him lick her pussy as she rubbed her clit against his face.

Mistresses Joss and Meg were in the same group with this loser in school. They were given an assignment and they all did it well except him. They did not want to fail because of him so they humiliated him in an effort to make him work harder and study harder and be smarter. They facesat on him and forced him to smell and lick their asses even though he was almost choking from the facesits.

Mistress Sinovia wanted to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday. He wanted to play with her ass and she had denied him the chance. So on his birthday, she threw him down and got on top of him wearing only her g-string. She facesat on him and wiggled her ass on his face. She commanded him to lick and smell her ass and he had more fun than he could have imagined.

Mistress Anna and her friend Roxy are naughty mistresses. They told this guy if he endured what they wanted to do to him, he could fuck them both. The guy agreed and the mistresses enjoyed facesitting on him and smothering him with their asses. It was both a turn on and humiliating at the same time for him. But he was not able to endure it till the end since when they facesat on him, it was hard to breathe.

Mistress Gaia knew her boyfriend had a weakness for her ass. So she wore only her thong that evening. She wanted to humiliate him without his knowledge so she used his weakness. He immediately fell for it and she told him she wanted to try something for him. She facesat on him and had him lick and smell her ass. He liked it but she was having fun humiliating him and he did not even know it.

Mistress Maeva used her sex appeal to humiliate this guy. She flirted with him and when he came to her house, she was wearing sexy lingerie. But it was not meant for him to enjoy but rather to confuse him into agreeing for her to do what she wanted to do to him. She facesat on him and he had to smell her ass and lick it. He thought he was pleasing her but she was humiliating him and having fun at his expense.

This mistress has a big ass and she likes to use it when humiliating anyone she feels like humiliating. Being big bodied, she is also strong and most guys are no match for her. She wanted to humiliate this guy so she dragged him to the bed where she facesat on him while only wearing her thong. She made him smell and lick her ass. Never mind that it was stinky.

Mistress Michelle and Lady Lara wanted to make this slave lick and smell their asses. They also wanted to find out which one between jeans and a stinky ass was more effective at humiliating the slave. One facesat on the slave with her jeans while the other facesat on him while only wearing her thong. They were both humiliating since the jeans was painful and the ass with only the thong was stinky.

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