Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

This mistress could not understand why her ex kept bothering her but today she was not going to be polite with him. He was shocked as she facesat on him and choked him with her ass. He was in pain and he was also humiliated but it was a wakeup call for him to stop being a bother to her and she told him he risked worse punishments if he did not stop.

Mistress Sofi wanted the attention of her husband but he did not give it to her. She was pissed but she kept her cool. When he wanted hers, she not only denied it to him, but she also choked him with her ass as she facesat on him as she watched a movie in bed. Mistress Sofi told him that it should serve as a lesson to him going forward.

Mistress Anna wanted to crush and dominate this loser and that is what she did with her ass. He had angered her and she did not want him to think that she was incapable of doing something about it. And so she used her ass to facesit on him and degrade him. He learned his lesson the hard way and begged her not to continue facesitting on him as he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Natasha did not like the way her slave behaved and how he had not finished his work. So she chose to deal with him in a way he did not expect. The mistress did this by forcing him to lie down and she crushed his head and made it a painful affair for him. She did this to deter him from pissing her off again and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Bella and mistress Mia were friends. This guy did not know that. He had seen two hot girls and he wanted to seduce and smash both of them. So he seduced both of them but they found out that he was doing that to both of them when they talked and shared what was going on in their lives. They then plotted to teach him a lesson and mistress Mia invited him to her house where they both were and they facesat on him cruelly and painfully.

This guy had pissed mistress Nica off and she did not like what she had seen from him. She felt that the best way to make him change was to facesit on him and also whip him. She even went ahead to trample his nuts and she did all of these things while he was naked. He had learned his lesson the hard way and there was no looking back.

Mistress Hanna did not like how her boyfriend had forgotten her birthday. She had to make sure he learned to do things differently and make things which were important to her a priority. That is why she chose to facesit on him and humiliate him like he deserved to be. She nearly choked him as she sat on his face and covered his mouth and his nose. He had to beg for her to stop.

This guy demanded a threesome with lady Jessie and her friend lady Sylvia but it ended up being them having fun at his expense as opposed to him having fun with them. He was shocked at how it went down but they just laughed at him and went on facesitting on him with their jeans on. Lady Sylvia even farted on him. They told him that that was the only threesome he would get from them.

Lady Zora wanted to show this guy how naughty she was. She was interested in turning him on and then denying him. So she wore some sexy clothes and she showed off her hot body. The mistress enjoyed dominating him and choking him but when he thought it would go further than that, she denied him. The show had ended for him and the mistress made it fun for herself.

Madame Marissa had beef with her slave. She punished him by facesitting on him and also farting on him. He regretted what he had done and he learned his lesson after which he always avoided messing with her. He choked as the mistress tortured him and she was sure from his screams that he would learn his lesson and would not piss her off the way he had done previously.

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