Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Candy and Teodora love to have fun with their hot bodies, but sitting on Kacie's face for fun is taken to a whole new level. Kacie is smothered with Candy and Teodora taking turning sitting on Kacie. Three hot girls getting into innocent trouble like this is too exciting and super naughty. Looks like Kacie likes having Candy sit on her face though. A good time.

Kimberly Marvel is one hot curvy lady. She loves to get dressed up in tight black spandex pants and sit on her pathetic slave boy. She also gives him a good sniff of her bottom, but she doesn't just stop there. Kimberly Marvel also lets him have a nice smell of a warm fart right on his face. Kimberly Marvel is truly one of a kind.

Jasmine and Chad sure have a good time. Not only does Jasmine have a juicy booty, but she loves to sit on Chad's face. It is pretty obvious Chad doesn't mind, because Chad has a great handful of Jasmine's perfect ass in his hands. Jasmine is going to have a great time sitting on Chad's face, and Chad is going to love every minute of this task.

Iwona and her human chair are going to get a very brutal meeting as Iwona sits on her slaves face with her tight fitting denim capri shorts. You can see how happy Iwona gets as she smothers her slave. Her slave is helpless with Iwona on his face rubbing her ass all of her face. Pleasure or pain, her slave is going to get a taste of denim.

Melissa takes pride in being a super hot dominatrix. She has the hottest body and wears her hot leather outfit proud. Melissa takes pride in sitting on her weak slaves faces allowing them to sniff and smell her perfect crotch. You don't see any complaints from her slaves and she smothers him to his delight. He is loving every minute of the smothering that is for sure.

Pamela has plenty of chairs to sit on, but some slaves just don't make the cut. Using her slave as a human chair is taken to a whole new level. Not only is the slave a human chair, but the slave is also going to be smothered while Pamela wears her tight fitting denim jeans. Chances are her slave is loving every minute of this hot torture.

GoddessNo is one heck of a brutal female. She is so hot, yet so darn dangerous when she puts on her fishnet stockings. Using humans as human furniture is a huge turn on for her. She looks so good in her outfit, then she sits down on her human furniture to relax and read a book. She gives new meaning to the word human furniture with her stockings.

You will never meet a woman like Jessica Perola ever again. Not only is she brutal and wild, but she has a juicy ass. She loves to suffocate her victims with her big ass. Slapping and suffocating Jessica has become on of her favorite things to do. Will Erica have the time of her life, or get used and abused like slave Isabela? Time will tell for these two.

Goddess Amyleen Moore loves to tease her slave. Some slaves deserve to be teased and tortured with a vicious face sitting that involves a pair of tight white jeans. Rubbing her warm box all over his face can be very exciting and enticing to her slave, but Slave Jake knows the rules and knows he should be so happy to be in her presence. Teasing is taken to a new level.

Samantha has a huge love for face sitting. So much so she has found herself the perfect human carpet. Samantha loves to work alone, but in this case she has found another beauty named Athena to help her really sit on the human carpet. Will this human carpet complain? Most likely the human carpet is going to love every bit of this experience with two lovely ladies.

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