Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Goddess Kiffa wanted to facesit her man because she knew he loved it and loved to lick her pussy and smell it. But she also wanted to facesit on him because he pussy wanted some of that facial love. And it was better done when she was on his face as she could rub her pussy and her clit the way she wanted to get maximum results. She stroked his dick as he did so and they both came.

Lady Rockabella and her friend mistress Cindy wanted to experience facesitting for themselves. They were used to facesitting their men and they saw the pleasure it gave them but they also wanted to give it a try. And that is why they had to try it as well. Since they could not ask their men to facesit on them, they chose to facesit on each other and they were surprised at how much fun they had. They ended up having girl on girl sex.

This mistress was bored at home and she wanted to have a little fun with her husband. He did not look like he was having much fun either so she went to where he was on the couch watching television and she facesat on him. He loved her ass and he did not complain. He started licking her ass and smelling her pussy and it did not take long for them to lie on the floor exhausted after some crazy fucking.

When goddess Fiona's boyfriend came home from work, she saw he was in low spirits and she felt sorry for him. She did not want to bother him with a lot of talk so she did what she knew he loved. She had him take a shower and eat and after that, she took him to the bedroom where she facesat on him and let him enjoy her ass as she knew he loved it to bits. His mood changed.

This mistress loves to be licked. It is a big part of her sexual life but she could tell that this guy was not big on it. And she could not stay without it so she had to do something. She facesat on him and as she did, he choked a little. The mistress told him that she would stop facesitting on him and choking him if he cooperated and licked her pussy. He did.

Mistress Roxanne was horny and she wanted her pussy to be pounded and ploughed hard. But the guy she wanted to do that to her had erectile dysfunction and he could not satisfy her. She was so angry at him and she facesat on him as punishment for what he had done. The mistress could not imagine that she had missed getting fucked hard. She took matters into her own hands and masturbated.

Lady Scarlet knew that she did not want to fuck her boyfriend. She was not in the mood for sex. But she also knew that if she told him that, he would be crushed and that it could affect him. So she did what she knew was guaranteed to get her the same results. She facesat on him knowing he did not like it and he would be turned off. And it worked.

These mistresses hired this guy to manage their company but he seemed to be performing worse than they did when they were in charge of the company. And that is why they had to make sure he pulled up his socks and he posted better performance. They ass fucked him and they also made him lick their boots besides facesitting on him. He was naked the whole time he was being tortured.

Lady Naomi had never tried facesitting fetish before but she was dying to. The mistress went out and she seduced this guy and she got him to think of all the naughty things they were going to do together but they never materialized. Instead, it was her who had all the fun as she facesat on him. That was what she was after and after she did it to him, she chased him away.

When these mistress noticed that their landlord had a tendency of increasing rent arbitrarily, they had to put a stop to it not by going to court but rather by punishing him and teaching him a lesson. So the mistresses facesat on him and trampled him with their heels. He cried and told them he would never do that again and that is when they let him go. He kept his word.

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