Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Stella is a fun mistress with a very hot body. She enjoys getting dressed up, so she can totally tease her slave. However, the most important part of her job as a mistress is her ability to smother her slave. She takes her ass and pussy and smashes it right on the slave's face. Her slave will get the best sniff of her asshole and pussy.

Amanda is such a lovely girl with her newly manicured nails. She loves to enjoy relaxing and having a good time with her slave. Her slave has been trained to be her seat cushion while she examines her new nails. The slave enjoys having Amanda's tight jeans on his face smothering him, but he really loves to smell her fresh pussy and asshole on the tip of his nose.

Mistress Mercedes loves to smother her slaves. She is going to put on a one piece body suit that flatters her body to it's fullest. She then will sit down on a slave's face. The slave is going to totally enjoy having Mistress Mercedes smash her ass and pussy down on his face. She will rub and smother his face, so he gets every bit of her scent.

Lilly Lamour is a very hot brunette babe that looks good in anything she wears. She will put on a pair of tight denim jeans and proceed to sit on her slave's face. She wants to give him a good taste of what her pussy and ass smell like. Even with the jeans, the slave can still smell what her ass and pussy are like.

Jenny is so freaking hot, even her slaves have a hard time keeping themselves in control around her. She is going to put on her sexy black outfit that shows off her great figure. She will then smother her slave's face with her warm sweet pussy. She has her tight black panties on, but the slave can still smell the sweetness from her pussy and ass.

Zoe is one sexy mistress with jeans that fit like a glove. She looks great whey she walks around, but even better when she plants her perfect ass right on the face of her slave. Her slave is going love having her jeans on his face, because he can smell her scent. Her pussy and ass smell so good, so she will smother him even more.

A very angry Asian mistress is going to get back at her slave. She is mad at her slave for seeing another mistress. In order to calm herself down, she will proceed to pull down her denim jeans and expose her perfect ass in a small little thong. She will smother the slave's face with her perfect ass and make him smell everything she has to offer.

Alice and her friend are really good at smothering slaves. Both babes have great ass's, so they naturally are going to use their ass's for good use. They will sit right on the face of a slave so he is able to smell all of their scents. From their ass to their pussy's, the slave is going to get quite the nose full to enjoy.

Nita has always been a fan of facesitting, because her ass is so big. She also has a slave that totally loves her big ass. She is going to have her slave come to her home and lay on the ground so that she can put on her best pair of jeans. She will then sit on his face with her tight jeans and smother him.

Mercedes makes her slave her submissive seating cushion as she bounces up and down on top of his face with her ample behind in her red thong. He gets his nose pounded by her ass and pussy as she rides him like a horse making him get a face full of the smell of her sexy ass and pussy. The slaves face is going to come out bruised after this.

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