Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Charlotte is a lovely brunette dressed in sexy fishnet stockings and high heels who is ready to teach her slave a lesson in taking humiliation. Today's lesson centers on facesitting. She illustrates how you are supposed to completely cover the victim's face with your ass and push down with your full weight. She shows how effective it is to switch positions and push down even harder to smother him.

This slave might be helpless but he doesn't want to help himself. He is waiting for his mistress Jessy to dominate him and dominating him means that he gets to feel her ass on his face when she starts facesitting on him. He even likes it when his air is cut off and he starts to smother. That's when he breathes in only the sweet smell of her jeans ass and pussy.

This slave sits on the sofa waiting for contact from his mistress Jane and he gets plenty of it when she gets hold of him. She makes him lie down on the sofa and she lowers her luscious ass down on his face with thin gold pants on. Her ass spreads across his face and smothers him. She switches positions and continues to smother him and he just lies there.

Tina is a cute redhead who is so adorable with her pale skin and red hair that guys line up for a chance for her to humiliate them with facesitting. This guy is so happy to have her ass in his face that he just lies there while she pushes down hard with her full weight and smothers him. She switches around in different positions so she can feel him smother beneath her.

Mistress Jean might be cruel for facesitting on her slave and smothering him but she does it in the sexiest way. She is wearing just her bra and panties with high heels showing her thin and supple body. She sits on this guy's face and pushes her full weight down until her warm ass and pussy covers his mouth and nose. He smothers under her but he has a smile on his face.

Mistress Tura is so gorgeous with her tight jeans, high heels and colored hair. She is so hot and dominating that she has her way with this slave punishing him and dominating him with hard facesitting and he loves it. It feels good to have her jeans as and pussy in his face but she pushes down with her full weight until he smothers. She intense when it comes to facesitting.

This petite and smouldering blonde mistress Svenja looks so hot in her tight black pants as she tortures and humiliates her slave with hard facesitting. She sits on his face in her pants, but she wants to feel his nose between her bare ass cheeks. She pulls her pants down to show her perfect ass and sits on his face and squeezes his nose between her warm and soft ass cheeks.

Sultry blonde dominating slut Mistress Manon loves to smother slaves under her sexy jeans ass. She arches her back and pushes her ass down on to his face. She rocks back and forth for some hard facesitting and smothers him with her jeans ass. She switches positions so she can make sure he can't get a breath and has to breathe in nothing but the wonderful smell of her aromatic jeans ass.

Beautiful and sexy brunette Zoe looks like she's being cruel to her slave, but he requested for her to sit on his face because he wanted to feel her sexy ass and pussy on his mouth. She has on some thin black pants and grey top that stretches over her ass as she lowers it down facesitting on his nose. Her warm and soft ass cheeks spread over his nose and engulf his face.

Hot tattooed blonde Dominique put on her sexy jeans and wore them until they have the aroma of her ass smell then humiliates her slave with facesitting. This ass smelling loser breathes in her jeans ass smell deep as it is smashed into his face. Dominique switches positions for some reverse facesitting so she can completely cover his mouth and nose and smother him with her soft and sexy jeans ass.

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