Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Teodora loves to show Kacie's face who is boss. Kacie's face might end up getting a real workout, but that is the price you pay when you mess with Teodora. Teodora is going to ride her face really good, and make sure Kacie gets the point when she is done. Wow, what a hot site to see when Kacie realizes she is no match for Teodora and her ass.

Slave Jessica has seen better days. She is completely paralyzed by being riden by Monica Mattos. Boy, this is going to be a wild time with this super hot Brazilian hottie, but that is just the way things are going to be. No one is going to complain and Monica is going to get what she wants. Facesitting at her finest, and she loves it.

Mistress Lexi loves to sit on her ass slave's face. Not only does she sit down hard on her slave's face, but she likes to get really nasty with him. She rubs her pussy and ass all over his face, but you can't hear him complain, because he is being smashed by all of Mistress Lexi. Wow, he is so pathetic and weak when it comes to her.

Mistress Diana is planning on being served today by her weak pathetic servant. Not only is he a total joke, but he is going to endure Mistress Diana's denim jeans smothering his stupid face. She loves to rub her ass all over his face while he is told what a loser he is. Talk about a very bad time for her slave! Mistress Diana doesn't care though.

Mercedes Boode is an amazing woman. She is going to rock her slave's world with duct tape and then she is going to take her amazing body and sit directly on her slave's face. Her slave is going to get Mercedes's pussy all over his face and then she is going to rub her ass all over his face. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Rashida is a lovely naturally dominant female with a super naughty twist. She loves to put on her pretty panties and sit on Hailey's face. Hailey doesn't seem to mind, because she gets a close up view of Rashida. A gorgeous brunette with an amazing body isn't anything to get upset about. Hailey gets her face smashed with Rashida's amazing crotch in her face.

Tatiana and Mia are going to have some fun in tiny little g strings. Not only are these girls super hot, but they both have a love for face sitting. Who will achieve an orgasm? Both are so hot it could be anyone's match, however one of these hot ladies loves to dominate and get off, so that could be the winner of this highly sexual match.

Jessica Perola is out of control with her juicy ass. Not only is she face slapping her female slaves, but she is smothering them and sitting on their faces. One of her slaves has a breathing problem and requires an inhaler, so Jessica makes sure she slaps the heck out of this poor slave and really gives it to her. No slave is safe from Jessica's rage and her face sitting is proof.

Eva has always been a submissive girl, but as of lately she loves to be on a leash for her dominant girlfriend Vanessa to enjoy. Eva loves to her on her knees and have Vanessa drag her around like a female dog. Vanessa also is so good at sitting on Eva's face with her tight skinny jeans directly on Eva's face. These two are nothing but trouble.

Mia has a love for bouncing on faces. Not only does she love to do this, but she loves to get a pair of black shorts on and smother her slave's face with her tight shorts on. Mia has a great body, so the slave is going to be very happy knowing Mia is going to sit on his face with her hot warm shorts. She does such a great job bouncing.

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