Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

This guy was trampled and his face smothered with her ass, but he did not feel as bad as those who are smothered with jeans. The mistress removed her pants and remained with her thong and used her ass to smother his face. Her ass is sexy and he had fun looking at it, smelling it and feeling it against his face

This mistress is clinical in her facesitting. She has no hurry while doing it, and whoever her slave or victim is, he or she has to feel it. She uses denim to smother the slave's face and does it slowly

Mistress Cleo is one of the facesitting enthusiasts. But while others like to smother their slave's faces with their denim clothes, Cleo likes to do it with her panties. She wants her ass to have contact with the slave's face.

Mercedes has a lovely ass which she likes to trample and smother her slave's faces with. She made this slave lie down and then climbed on top of him and smothered his face with her ass. She wiggled her ass on his face making her uncomfortable

Katharina never has enough when it comes to punishing and humiliating her slaves. She can do it any time anywhere. She took her slave and then rode him like a horse before facesitting on him and making it hard for him to breathe as she smothered his face with her ass

Facesitting is what this mistress enjoys most. She likes to take slaves, make them lie down and then with her jeans, sit on their faces and make them smell her smelly ass. Sometimes she farts on their faces and they are forced to smell the farts.

Lady Cathy is a BBW who knows that slaves fear her trampling and her facesits. And that is exactly why they she likes using that as a punishment. When this slave pissed her off, there was only one way in which he was gonna be punished, and that was with a facesit or a couple of them. She took her slave and facesat on her and also made him smell her ass.

Saya is one of the few girls out there who know how to face sit and subject a slave to a good domination experience. She took a slave and face sat on him while wearing her jeans. The pain he felt was excruciating, but it he was aware of the whip she had in her hand, which was ready to land on him should he prove to be uncooperative in any way.

Janette was facesitting on her slave and smothering her with her ass when she realised that it was not as effective as she wanted it to be. So she decided to remove her trouser and smother his face with her ass while only wearing her panty. That way, she would also make him smell and sniff her sweaty and smell ass. Poor slave had to endure it all without a word.

Mistress Stella is at her happiest when she's dominating someone. And she likes to come up with different ways to do this. This time round, she's smoking while facesitting on her slave. It must be painful for the poor slave, but he has no option but to endure the torture she's subjecting him to. She even has time to try a little dance on his face while she facesits on him.

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