Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Mistress Annabelle wanted to shut her slave because he was talking too much while she wanted to enjoy her book in peace. When she gave him subtle clues that she did not want to be bothered but he did not get them, she had to use another method to get to him. So she settled on facesitting him because he would feel pain, he would choke a little but more importantly, he would shut up.

This guy had invited lady Scarlet and her friend to go clubbing and have fun but he was stingy and they did not have the kind of fun they had expected to have. The mistresses went back home with him but instead of the fun he expected to have with them, the girls facesat on him and made him an ass slave. He had to lick and smell their assholes.

Mistress Stephanie is a sexy girl and as a result, a lot of people are into her and want to sleep with her. But she does not let anyone and everyone do it. That is why today she chose to facesit and have fun at the expense of one of them. And in addition to that, she wanted to find out of smothering and facesitting on him would turn him off. So she did it with her bare ass.

Because her boyfriend loved her ass, this mistress knew that trying facesitting fetish on him would not be hard. So she teased him a bit then she got on tip of him and she facesat him. She wiggled her ass and he was turned on by what she did and he even forgot the discomfort he felt as she did so. And needless to say, they ended up fucking after that.

Mistress Cucciolo's slave had gone rogue and she had to tame him. Because she knew that she had to do something crazy in order to make him change, she did not hesitate to use her big and sexy ass to do it. The mistress cruelly facesat the guy and she farted on him besides making him lick her asshole and he learned his lesson and he was tamed like she wanted.

Mistress Madison wanted to dominate her slave and teach him some better manners as she felt he was lacking in that department. The mistress had to make him receptive for what she had in mind for him and that is why she had to facesit on him. The slave did not want another punishment and that is why he changed so that they would not have any issues between them.

Mistress Adrianna wanted to smother this slave and dominate him because he had checked out her ass and she felt he was not supposed to do that. And that is what she went ahead to do. The mistress made sure that he smelled her farts as she facesat on him and that he knew that if he did not stop doing that, he would be made to eat her shit.

Mistress Maryan wanted someone who was not mouthy as a slave but this guy was too mouthy and she either had to send him away and get another one or she had to find a way to change him. She felt that changing him was the easiest option so she ass smothered him and got him to change as she had wanted. He had no choice but to change as she asked him to.

Mistress Jardena wanted to dominate this guy sissy so she had him wear a thong and also some stockings. He thought it was all over but it was not. The mistress went ahead to smother the guy with her ass and she nearly choked him as she did it. The sissy was scared to the point that he was afraid to speak and even plead his case because he feared angering her again.

Mistress Alexis loves to smother guys for fun and today she was at it again after missing out on doing it for a long time. The mistress went ahead to facesit on this guy after she had teased him and gotten him to think she was interested in him and that she wanted to nail him. He was shocked but he had no way out so he cooperated with the mistress.

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