Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

This is how sexy Marina treats her boyfriends because they mean nothing to her. She loves nothing else about them but their humiliation as she puts her slave through some intense and hard facesitting. She looks so hot in her high heel boots and short skirt that this slave just lies there helpless while she smothers him with her sexy ass and warm and supple pussy. This is sexy domination.

Manuela is a very cute and adorable young girl who is already very good at dominating her slave. This time she uses facesitting to humiliate her slave. She lowers down on to his face with her jeans ass and covers his nose and mouth with her crotch. He starts to smother but she just pushes down harder flattening his face with her sexy ass. She puts him in several positions as well.

Mistress Tara is an extremely cute alternative hottie with bright colored hair who sits on her slave's face in her sexy black stockings. She makes her slave smell her ass and pussy through her stockings and shoves his mouth into her crotch while she is facesitting on him. She reaches back and holds his head straight so she can shove her pussy farther down until it covers his entire mouth and nose.

Lady Cathy is a big and beautiful BBW in black jeans and white boots. She wants to look good for her next facesitting session with her slave. She loves humiliating him by using him as human furniture and sitting on his face hard until he smothers under her jeans ass. He has no chance of escape out from under that massive ass because she is using her full weight to crush him.

Sandra is a cute blonde who flattens her slave's face with her black leather pants on. She wants to feel his face on her bare crotch so she pulls her pants down and continues facesitting on him with only her g-string and almost smothers him with her warm and sexy ass and pussy. This is punishment that this slave doesn't mind taking because he gets to have her crotch in his face.

Angelina looks so hot in her tight jeans and she is really creative when it comes to facesitting on her loser slave. She makes her slave stick her head into the back of a chair so he is helpless and can act as her human seat cushion when she sits down hard on his face and smothers him with her jeans ass. It might be humiliating but he is still lucky.

Mistress Melissa is a cute and dominating blonde in black stockings with red lingerie and red heels who has a facesitting fetish. She makes her slave lie in the floor helpless while she sits down hard on his face and smothers him with her warm ass and pussy. He has no chance for escape. This is one intense facesitting session and that is just the way that Mistress Melissa likes it.

Samira saw facesitting clips on the internet and she wanted to try them herself. She took her slave to her place and then made him lie on the couch before facesitting on him with her jeans and making him smell her ass

Mistress Kasha loves her ass so much. She likes to have it licked and smelled with her slave. And occasionally, she allows her slave to lick her pussy as well. Today she was wearing lingerie and facesat on her slave and made him lick and smell her ass

Jane and Layla wanted to punish a slave, and they wanted to do it together. They got a slave and then facesat on him. While one smothered his face, the other one was on her stomach. And they were wearing their jeans

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