Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Small girl Kacie gets the full weight of the two sexy girls, Alex and Teodora. They sit on top of their victim with their tight jeans shorts on and their stockings giving Kacie a face full of their ample booties. Alex and Teodora join hands to balance themselves as they secure their weight on top of the smaller Kacie giving her a nice face full of their big sexy asses.

Jule is a cruel girl! She loves to punish her slaves. She does whatever she likes. But all treatments of her have one thing in common: They will hurt her victim! This time she wears a sexy, tight jeans. And she likes to rub the rough jeans on the face of her slave! The slave lies down on the ground and cannot escape. He has to smell her sweaty butt...!

Mistress Kathrin has a big beautiful round ass and she crushes the slaves face with it as she face sits on top of him with her big sexy behind. She is wearing her black stockings and her black thong as she face sits her slave who is quickly running out of oxygen underneath the full weight of the big ass of Mistress Kathrin. smell the ass of this sexy girl.

Sexy brunettes Alice and Olive smother the slave with their nice round asses in their tight white stretch pants on. The slave gets double the pleasure as the two hot girls take turns planting their big juicy asses right on top of his face. He gasps for air as the sexy brunettes ride his face and he becomes very red from the lack of oxygen. They rub his face in their asses.

Big buxom blonde Gina sits hard on top of her slaves face with her tight painted on blue jeans. The slave gets a face full of Gina's jeans ass and pussy as she smushes his face down on the bench with her big round ass. Gina enjoys every second on his face and doesn't care if he can stand it or not or if he is not getting in enough air

Diana's ex boyfriend gets to bear the weight of the sexy blonde's big round ass as she face sits on top of him while he is tied to the couch and she humiliates him further by making out with her new boyfriend at the same time. She pulls up her jean skirt to reveal her big round juicy ass and promptly sits right on top of her ex boyfriends face

Huge breasted sex goddess Krystal facesits on her slave as she relaxes on top of him smothering his face with her nice big round ass and casually drinking her bottle of water. Her slave is forced to smell her jeans pussy and ass as she pushes all of her weight right into his face so he cannot get any oxygen while lying underneath the hot jeans ass of sexy Krystal

Mistress Candy is a sexy blonde babe wearing a tight black latex suit as she gets ready to use her slave as a human chair and cushion. She makes her slave sit in front of a chair and lean her head back. She then sits down on her slaves face and smothers her face with her sexy latex ass and makes sure that her slave is not allowed to breathe.

Empress Cruel is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a pair of blue jeans as she sits on her slaves face and smothers him with her sexy ass. She presses down with her full weight pressing down on his face and her sexy ass is covering his nose and mouth so that he has a hard time breathing. This mistress does not stop until she shows her slave that she is in complete control.

Mistress Zoe is a sexy brunette mistress that is sitting on her human seatpad. She is wearing a tight pair of black panties as she sits on her slaves face and smothers him with her full weight and sexy round ass. As she sits on his face and presses down with her full weight she shoves his nose into her tight asshole and forces him to smell her smelly ass.

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