Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Blonde, cruel and dominating slut Lady Manon is hot and ready to torture her slave with hot facesitting. Her pink fishnets make her ass and legs look even more hot and supple as she rubs her pussy in her slave's face. She pushes down on him with her full weight and covers his mouth and nose with her crotch. He starts to smother and she sits on him harder and tenses her sexy ass.

This mistress was owed a favour by her boyfriend and she used it to try something she watched online. She made him lie down and then trampled and smothered his face with her ass and it felt good

Iwona wore tights and then set out to facesit on her boyfriend. She wanted to punish him but lied to him that it was her new fetish and that it turned her on. He agreed not knowing he was being punished

Like Mercedes knows, the best way to dominate a slave, it is by making sure that she uses jeans so as to show him who's boss and hurt him in the process

Yvonne had spent a lot of time in the office seating down and when she reached home, she wanted a soft chair. She wanted a human chair and made the slave bear her full weight

Whenever Jane wants to do more damage when she's facesitting on a slave, she usually does it while wearing her jeans. She knows that the denim will inflict more pain and that is why she likes it

Jasmina knows how to tease. She teased her slave with strawberries but then still smothered his face with her ass. She wore a red panty and she enjoyed all that she did to the slave

With her hot pant jeans, Kathrin did a lot of damage to this slave's face. She smothered it with her ass and made the slave cry out in pain and beg for mercy, which she ignored

Mistress Jenny likes to smother her slave's face with her ass, and she likes to do it while she's wearing her thong. That way, the slave gets excited, but she gets to humiliate and degrade him nonetheless

Sexy jeans slut Despina is a hot brunette who has no problem finding a slave to lie under her while she uses him as a human seat cushion. She lowers her sexy jeans ass down and smothers her slave with hard facesitting and smashes his head into the sofa. He has no chance of escape as she uses her full weight to press her ass and crotch down hard on his face.

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