Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Mistress Mercedes is wearing a pair of blue jean shorts as she gives her loser slave a punishment just for being a loser! She has decided his new job is going to be as a human seat so she makes him lay on the floor and then she sits on his face. Her full weight is pressing down on his face as she smothers him with her sexy jeans covered ass and then turns around and smothers with her jeans pussy.

Mistress Marylou is a sexy brunette mistresses who is busy training her loser slave to be her human cushion. She has a whip in her hand to make sure that he listens to her every command. She then has him tied up and bound so he can not move off of the floor so that he is forced to lay there as she sits down on top of him. She then smothers him with her ass and her pussy as she facesits on his face.

Miss Jean is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a pink tee shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans as she sits on her slaves face and gives him a jeans facesitting. She sits on her loser slaves face and gives him a proper jeans facesitting as she smothers him completely and then presses down with her full weight. She then takes and turns around and smothers him with her jeans pussy.

Sexy Mistress Samira is wearing a tiny red bra with matching panties and she has her slave laying on the floor. She then gets down on the floor and then sits on her slaves face smothering him with her sexy thong covered ass. Then she puts her full weight on top of his face and smothers him harder shoving his nose into her ass and forcing him to smell her ass.

Sexy and dominant Zoe came home and found her loser boyfriend painting the walls of their house. At first she was impressed that he was working around the house but when she gets closer she realizes that he was using lacquer instead of normal paint. This made her really mad and she decided to give him a painful punishment! She makes him lay down on the floor and she gets on top of him and smothers him with her full weight.

Mistress Xenia is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a skimpy black top and a sexy thong pair of panties. She makes her slave lay on the floor and put his head on a foot rest and then uses him as a human cushion sitting on his face and smothering his face with her thong covered ass. Then she has him lay on the floor and sits on him again with her panties covered pussy and smothers him completely!

Mistress Mercedes has never heard of the word mercy before when she looks at the face of her latest victim, which is turning blue due to lack of oxygen while she sits on his face as hard as she can with her jeans on. Jeans facesitting always gets pretty rough when Mercedes is involved, she buries his nose and mouth all the way into her crotch, there is no escape from her.

Cathy's slave is in for a real treat today as his mistress Cathy has brought her friend with her today. That means he is going to get some double action of big asses smothering his face and sitting on the rest of his body. The two girls take turns sitting on this guy's face, which disappears completely in all of that ass that these two girls are packing, the smells are unavoidable for this ass slave.

Even though the sexy Manuala takes good care of her body and there is not an ounce of fat on her tight body, this ass slave is still in grave danger of getting his face flattened when she sits down on his face. This is because she really grinds into his face when she gets on there with her shorts on, this is one humiliating situation for the guy, and painful too.

Jacky has on some very sexy leather high heeled boots, a leather top, and only some black panties on. She wants barely anything to be there on her ass when she plops herself down onto the unsuspecting face of her ass slave, the tiny panties will help his nose go straight up her tight and sexy ass crack while she smothers him completely and fully. She lets loose all over his face in this sexy facesitting video.

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