Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Mistress Suzy wanted to punish her slave and still have fun at the same time. So she weighed her options and she settled on facesitting. The mistress went ahead and she facesat on him and she wiggled her ass on his face. In addition, the mistress also rubbed her clit and her pussy on his face until she came. She had a great time while the loser was having a nightmare.

This guy was not willing to give mistress Roxana her money back and she was not going to allow him. She had been understanding enough and given him more than enough time to pay her back. But he was starting to evade her and do other things to make sure he did not pay her. She surprised him when she showed up to his house and instead of talking, she facesat on him until he told her to go with him to the ATM and he gave her the money.

Mistress Alisha loves to facesit on losers to instill discipline. This slave was new and he had never experienced her wrath. So he was caught by surprise when she turned on him and she dominated him cruelly. The mistress had a great time torturing him and ensuring that he learned his lesson. He peed himself as she choked him with her ass and he cried out to her to forgive him.

Mistress Nica did not like how stubborn her boyfriend was and she felt it was something that needed to change. And she did not postpone it. She made sure she facesat on him and she choked him a little to make him scared of her. And after she had done those things, which he never expected her to do to him, he started to change as he did not know what she would do next.

These mistresses had a few days off work and they did not have any plans. They had a lot of time on their hands with nothing to do with it. The mistresses had to find a way to pass time and they did it by trying facesitting fetish. The mistress made a facesitting video at the expense of this loser who was lured to their place thinking he was going to chill with them but ended up being made to smell asses and endure trampling.

Mistress Melissa and her boyfriend love to play games and they played today and they agreed that the loser will be humiliated by the winner and she won the game so she had to humiliate him and she chose to do it by facesitting on him. It was a lot of fun for her as he had to lick and smell her ass too. He nearly choked as he did it.

Princess Nicole was pissed by these two losers and they felt that she would not be able to punish both of them but they were shocked when she facesat on one and she trampled the other at the same time. She then rotated the punishments so that they were both equally punished and they learned something about her that they did not know. They were shocked and never pissed her again knowingly.

Madame Marissa wanted to ass sit on this loser and she did so using her jeans. She wanted to dominate and humiliate him, something she was good at. The mistress did this and she got a kick out of it. As she facesat on him, she got him to lick her ass as well as to smell her ass and her farts. It was fun but only for the mistress.

Princess Serena wanted to facesit on her boyfriend and humiliate him without him knowing what she did. She went ahead and she facesat on him while wearing her underwear and she passed it off as foreplay. It was fun for her and he played along with it. The mistress knew what he was doing and she managed to have fun at his expense while he thought all along it was foreplay.

Mistress Natasha knew that her boyfriend was lazy. But she did not know that he was so lazy that he would fake sickness so that he would avoid doing some chores that were his responsibility. She observed him and when she found out he was faking it, she facesat on him as punishment. She choked him so that he would never think of doing that let alone go ahead and do it.

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