Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Despina worked all day at her office job and got tired of sitting in the uncomfortable chair so she called her slave in to be her face cushion. He lays his head back on her chair so she can sit down on his face and still gets work done. She sticks out her sexy jeans ass and lowers it down right on his face. She pushes down harder until he smothers.

Leana is extra sexy in her sheer black lingerie and high heels. Her sexy ass looks so tender and inviting when she lowers it down on to her slave's face. He smothers under the weight of her ass and pussy, but this facesitting means that he gets to have his face pressed hard up against her crotch. He's willing to suffer any type of humiliation to be this close to her ass.

Kathrin is one sexy blonde slut. Especially in her tight ripped up jeans. Her slave acts as a human cushion as she pushes down hard with her full weight on his face. Her sexy jeans ass and warm pussy cover his whole face until he can't breathe. Every breathe he can muster is full of the smell of her amazing ass and pussy. He can't breathe but he still considers himself lucky.

Fiery redhead Mercedes couldn't wait for her dominating facesitting session. She even put on a sexy black corset and black panties with thigh high boots so she can look extra hot when she smothers her slave with her ass. She lowers her ass down on to his face until his nose is buried deep in her warm ass. Then she spreads her legs so her pussy is completely covering his mouth.

Serina needs a good seat to sit on with her sexy jeans ass so she decides to sit on her slave's face. She spreads her legs so her entire crotch will spread over his face smothering him. When she gets a nice seat and can feel his nose in her pussy she squeezes her legs together so he can smother beneath the full weight of her luscious ass which is even hotter in jeans.

Diana's slave always loves to watch her ass as she walks around so Diana decides to give him a view of her ass as it covers his whole face. She dominates him by sitting down hard on his face with her tight black pants on. Then she pulls them down and gives him a nice whiff of her pussy and ass when she spreads her cheeks for some hard facesitting and smothering.

Sexy blonde Jenny has on some hot and super short cut-off jean shorts and she's going to put her slave through some intense and very hot facesitting. He leans back with his head on the sofa so she can use his face as a cushion. She spreads her creamy while legs and smothers him with her crotch. She loves the feeling of domination when she pushes her pussy and ass down on his face smothering him.

Kasha has a passion for facesitting. She satisfies her facesitting fetish by making her slave lie on the ground while she pushes her hot pussy down on his face. She keeps her black stockings on and sits on this loser's face in every position smothering him and making him smell her ass and pussy. Kasha's ass covers her slave's face until that is all he can smell. Sniff that ass you loser.

Mistress Eve has been working hard all day wearing her sexy blue jeans and now her jeans ass is a little bit ripe! But she is happy that her ass is smelly because she has her slave lay down on the couch and she sits on his face and smothers him with her sexy and smelly jeans ass. She sits down on his nose and mouth with her full weight and forces him to smell her ripe jeans ass.

Mistress Jane is a sexy mistress wearing a white tank top and skin tight black leather pants as she has some facesitting fun with her loser slave. She has him tied up and his mouth is taped shut so there is no way he can escape. She then sits on his face and smothers him with her sexy ass and she wants to see how long he will be able to breath while smothered under her sexy ass.

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