Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Mistress Anna and her friend Roxy are naughty mistresses. They told this guy if he endured what they wanted to do to him, he could fuck them both. The guy agreed and the mistresses enjoyed facesitting on him and smothering him with their asses. It was both a turn on and humiliating at the same time for him. But he was not able to endure it till the end since when they facesat on him, it was hard to breathe.

Mistress Gaia knew her boyfriend had a weakness for her ass. So she wore only her thong that evening. She wanted to humiliate him without his knowledge so she used his weakness. He immediately fell for it and she told him she wanted to try something for him. She facesat on him and had him lick and smell her ass. He liked it but she was having fun humiliating him and he did not even know it.

Mistress Maeva used her sex appeal to humiliate this guy. She flirted with him and when he came to her house, she was wearing sexy lingerie. But it was not meant for him to enjoy but rather to confuse him into agreeing for her to do what she wanted to do to him. She facesat on him and he had to smell her ass and lick it. He thought he was pleasing her but she was humiliating him and having fun at his expense.

This mistress has a big ass and she likes to use it when humiliating anyone she feels like humiliating. Being big bodied, she is also strong and most guys are no match for her. She wanted to humiliate this guy so she dragged him to the bed where she facesat on him while only wearing her thong. She made him smell and lick her ass. Never mind that it was stinky.

Mistress Michelle and Lady Lara wanted to make this slave lick and smell their asses. They also wanted to find out which one between jeans and a stinky ass was more effective at humiliating the slave. One facesat on the slave with her jeans while the other facesat on him while only wearing her thong. They were both humiliating since the jeans was painful and the ass with only the thong was stinky.

Goddess Amirha likes to do crazy things especially when she is bored. She had caught her slave looking at her ass and she knew he liked it. So she used it to have fun humiliating him. She made him lie down with a special facesitting box on his head. She then facesat on him while wearing only her underwear. He was both humiliated and excited by being facesat on by the mistress.

This hot mistress loves to sit and read books. Mostly she loves reading while smothering her slave's face. In this video she's wearing tight jeans which show off her ass really nicely and she's putting her full weight on her slave. He loves it, he loves being used as an object of furniture. Mistress can be so brutal but she expects her slave to take whatever torture she gives him.

Anna is a sexy blonde mistress who loves to torture her slaves by sitting on their faces. Slaves are not worth anything, and this one deserves to have his face sat on. This slave loves to smell his mistress' ass and pussy, and she is wearing a sexy lingerie so she looks very hot and delectable. Anna makes sure he understands the value of her ass and pussy while she sits on him!

This mistress loves her privacy. But she discovered that this guy has a crush on her and likes to eavesdrop on her and also stalk her. She was pissed and laid a trap for her. He took it hook, line and sinker. She punished him by making him lie down and smell her ass she facesat on him and smothered his face using her ass. When she was done, he stopped.

Mistress Natasha likes self motivate employees. She is a cruel mistress and a sadist as well. Her employee did not meet her deadline for the assignment she had given him and she was mad. She undressed and remained with her thong and used him as her chair and cushion as she did the work she had given him. She made him endure it till she was done as a way to send him a message. He received the message and never missed a deadline.

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