Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Lady Cathy is one cute BBW model who has a nice surprise for her ass slave today. Her friend, Coras, is also a nice and heavy lady and wants to help out Lady Cathy in using her ass slave as a human couch. So they lay him out on the floor and even though he is unsure if he can take both of them at the same time they just plop their big asses down on him with no hesitation,

The sweet vixen Jenny-Nina finds some random loser laying down right there in the middle of her living room floor. She looks him up and down and figures he has the perfect face to fit up her ass crack as she sits down on him with her full weight, making sure his face gets buried up there with every shift of her body. She doesn't care if he can't breathe, she is having to much fun.

Diana has blackmailed her boyfriend into laying back and letting her sit right there on his face, smothering it with all her weight as his nose gets buried right in her ass through her jeans. Diana loves to humiliate her boyfriend and smothering him while she wears her tight fitting jeans is the perfect way to do just that. This will for sure teach her boyfriend some manners when all is said and done.

Gloria Goddess is all about doing some of the most brutal facesitting ever seen on video. She wraps up her slave up in some saran wrap so that she cannot move at all. The only part of her slave's body not covered up is her face, that is because Gloria needs to place her ass right onto the face of her slave, the perfect throne for her completely naked ass.

Candy Alexa is busy in the kitchen when her friend Kira comes strolling in. Kira gets mad at the state of the kitchen so she pushes Candy onto the floor and lifts her shirt up to reveal her sexy titties. Then she forces Candy into submission as she sits on her face, making her smell her ass through her tight jeans as she rubs her crotch all over Candy's face.

Diana dominates her new boyfriend to show him who's boss. She comes out in black lingerie and a whip in case her new human seat cushion gets out of line. She sits down hard on him facing front then back for optimal facesitting. She bounces up and down pushing her crotch over his entire face. He tries to get up, but she sits down harder. He can't sit up unless she says so.

Mistress Leana loves the humiliation she inflicts on her slaves when she uses them as a human bean bag. She puts on a tight pair of jeans and sits on her slaves face. She tenses her ass and pushes crotch down hard grinding it into his face. He takes it because he lives for her pleasure. The hot ass in denim covers his entire face smothering him in every position.

Jasmina has a nice couch, but she would rather use her facesitting slave as a seat cushion. It feels good when his nose and chin pushes into her crotch and she loves to smother him and dominate him with her sexy ass and pussy. She starts off sitting on his face with pants, but soon the pants come off and she pushes her pussy lips over his nose smothering him.

Super hot brunette Goddess Gloria took a long walk in the woods and got her creamy white ass nice and sweaty before she decided to make her masked slave lean back against a stump and take a facesitting. She leans back on the stump as her sexy ass envelopes the slave's face smothering him until he can hardly breathe. Whether or not you are into facesitting; this is one ass you wouldn't mind covering your face.

Alternative girls Kira amd Dizzy hang out in Dizzy's room. Kira lays on the bed looking sexy. Dizzy gets bored so she climbs on the bed and sits on Kira's face. She smothers her with her warm crotch as they laugh and switch to a more comfortable position. Dizzy continues the facesitting, but Kira gets the last laugh as she starts licking Dizzy's pussy. She pulls Dizzy down harder on her face and licks her to orgasm.

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