Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Mistress Dominique wanted a nice cushion but she was busy. So she sent her boyfriend to buy one. He came back with something she did not want. She sent him back for what she wanted but before that, she punished him to make sure he brought back whats he wanted. She facesat on him and made him smell her ass and be her cushion so that he could pay attention when buying the cushions. It worked and he came back with the exact cushions she wanted.

Mistress Sinovia has a lovely butt. She likes to use it as a tool for punishment of slaves and since she started, she has only gotten better at it. She likes to use it to choke guys and humiliate them by facesitting on them and making them smell as well as lick her ass. She enjoys feeling their faces on her butt and how their wiggle and wriggle while trying to free themselves.

Mistress Tiffany wanted to try what she had read online about facesitting fetish. She got herself a loser she knew would never refuse anything she told him. She made him endure her facesits and made him smell her ass and even lick it. The guy had a crush on her and did not even mind being humiliated. He was in fact elated at being able to lick her ass even if through her pants. She enjoyed it.

This mistress wanted to show her slave how worthless he was to her. She was doing her homework and she knew that would take a while. So instead of waiting, she decided to wait for incorporate him into what she was doing. She decided to use him as her human chair. She facesat on him and made him smell her ass and lick it while she did her assignment on her computer.

This mistress has a big ass and with it, she knows she can humiliate guys whenever she needs to. She came home today and she found her slave had not cooked dinner as she had instructed him. She was pissed and decided to punish him. She made him lie on the couch and she removed her pants and remained with her thong. Then she facesat on him and made him smell her stinky ass.

Mistress Kira is a hot mistress who likes to take advantage of her beauty to humiliate guys. She likes to lie to them that it is her fetish and it turns her on then has fun making guys do humiliating things while she enjoys it. Today she made a guy lick and smell her ass as she facesat on him. He did not know it was all for her enjoyment and none was meant for him.

Princess Tiffany loves to facesit. She enjoys having her ass smelled and that is why she made her slave do it when she realized he had not done what she had told him to do. She also crushed his balls with her hands as she facesat on him. She had come from the toilet and her ass was smelly. And that's what she wanted him to smell and he had no option.

Lady Nicole was fed up with her slave. She had given him too many chances to rectify his behavior but he had squandered them. It was now time to pay. She facesat on him and humiliated him and degraded him. She did all sorts of things to him and made him realize that she meant business. He felt pain and humiliation and decided to change to avoid further torture and punishment from her.

Mistress Kate wanted to punish her slave. She does not like to do it often and that is why she had to do some research in order to do it once and for all. She wanted to punish him enough so that when he thought about it, he would cringe and fear repeating the mistake. She trampled him using her ass and humiliated him. She even tattooed the words I love Kate to his body before making him lick her pussy.

Mistress Elizabeth has a big ass. And she loves to facesit on people both as punishment for them and pleasure for her. But today she wanted something a little bit more. She facesat on her slave and humiliated him before she decided to make him lick her clitoris through her panty. She also made him lick her pussy the same way. She wanted more pleasure for herself and humiliation for him. And she got it.

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