Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

When Ariel Black walks into the room, her slaves know just what they are supposed to do. She puts them one on the bed and one on the floor. She loves showing her round gold covered ass before putting it in their faces. She enjoys putting her full weight down on their face, smothering them and making them inhale her scent. She does it every morning so they know who they belong to through the day.

When Demy and Kathi became lovers, they decided they would enjoy trying new things with each other. They discovered facesitting and they want to try it. They both get dressed in lingerie with matching thongs. Kathi lays her lover on the sofa and puts her pussy in her face. She eases her weight down and watches as her lover inhales her scent. As soon as she feels Demy has had enough, they switch positions. They are addicted.

The ever sexy Mistress Alice and Mistress Maria are having some fun with their female slave Bambinas face as they sit on it with their sexy round asses and smother it with their full weight. These two sexy mistresses pin her down and take turns facesitting on top of her and smothering her with their full weight as she struggles to get free and for fresh as while they humiliate her.

Sexy blonde Kasha takes what she wants. Today she abuses the male slave by sitting down on top of his face with her tight blue jeans on. He gets a taste of her nice ass and jeans pussy as she rides his little face hard. He is tied with tape and has tape over his mouth as she rides his face with her sexy blue jeans on for him.

Annika Bonds facesits the slave in her hot black leather pants and she also trample and walks on his bare back with her tough black leather boots with the red flames shooting up the side making her look very bad ass. Annika also tries to choke the breath out of the slave by covering his nose and mouth with her gloved hands and holding the pressure for a long time.

The gorgeous blonde and brunette American mean girls face sit the slave in their tight black dresses and they jump up and down on top of his stomach with their sexy bare feet. They are a mean two girl team who abuse and humiliate the slave casuing him pain as they stand and jump on his body and the two girls sit hard on his face with their dresses on.

Mercedes is sitting on her male slave on the toilet bowl with her sexy leopard panties pressed against his face making the slave breathe in her lovely odor. His head is used as her own personal toilet seat as the slave licks her pussy through her leopard panties and she pushes his head directly in the bowl while she flushes the toilet on top of him humiliating the male slave.

The two hot American mean girls face sit the male slaves on the bar stools making their willing faces their own personal seat cushions. The ladies are amazed that men allow themselves just to be used like this- as nothing more than human furniture for women to sit on but they take full advantage of them as they sit on top of their faces in the bar room.

The two hot brunettes Alice and Maria smother their female slave, little Bambina as the cruel mistresses face sit her in their hot bathing suits inside the sauna. They shove their gorgeous asses into the face of little Bambina and there is nothing the smaller girl can do about it as she is overpowered by the two gorgeous girls. It gets very steamy in the sauna with the facesitting.

Huge boob goddess Anastasia Blake face sits and foot smothers her male slave as he lies underneath her on the chair. She is wearing her tight white panties underneath her short skirt as she presses her nice thick butt cheeks right into his face. He gets a good taste of her ass and pussy as she presses her hot butt on top of his mouth causing a lack of oxygen.

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