Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Mistress Gaia wanted to shut up her slave. She had told him to be quiet but he did not heed her call. She had to try something else so she tried facesitting. Anytime she wanted him to shut up, she would facesit on him. She tried it today and she facesat on him with her thing on. She had him smell her stinky ass in the process and he learned his lesson.

Facesitting on slaves and losers is what this mistress loves doing. She enjoys it and does it whenever she has a chance. Today she came early from work so she had the time. She did not need her slave to have messed up for her to humiliate him. She did it without caring about what he had done. She facesat on him and had him lick her ass as she farted on him.

Mistress Mina has a sexy ass and her slave loved it. He tried to hide his interest in her ass but she found out when she saw his drawings of her ass and the secret photos of her ass. But it was catching him smelling her panties that made her punish him. She did not want to turn him into a pervert so she facesat on him to punish him. She also tied his face to her ass with a plastic wrap and nearly choked him.

Mistress Daria is a sexy mistress who enjoys spending time with her slave instead of other men. But her slave had pissed her off and she had to punish him. She used her ass to do it. She facesat on him and he cried and begged for mercy because besides being painful, it was humiliating and he was choking. She knew when to let him breathe so as not to choke.

Lady Cathy did not like how this guy had lied to her. She wanted to have a great orgasm with him but he did not even make her cum. She was pissed at him for wasting her time and she punished him for it. She crushed his face with her ass and given that she is a bbw mistress, she did a lot of damage by sitting on his face.

Mistress Melissa knew her boyfriend had a thing for her ass so she used this to try facesitting fetish. She had been dying to try it but she got the courage to do it today. She told him it turned her on when he smelled her ass and licked it from underneath her. He did it while she applied her make up and when she was bored of it, she told him it was not working for her.

Mistress Joss and Meg lied to this guy that they wanted a threesome. But in real sense, what they wanted was to humiliate him and that is what they did. They forced him to lie on the bed and they used their asses to humiliate him. He was forced to retain his breath so as not to choke and he was also asked to smell the mistress' asses and their farts.

Mistress Kathi and Demy wanted to try facesitting fetish. They had watched videos of it on the internet but they could not agree on who would be the first to be facesat on. So they decided to wrestle for the right to be first. They wrestled hard but in the end mistress Demy won and she facesat on her friend while wearing only her thong and made her smell her ass.

This mistress did not like how this guy in her unit was bringing the whole unit down with his lack of performance. She had tried everything to make him change but he did not. She was left with no option but to punish him and torture him. She called him to her office and she facesat on him. She crushed him painfully and she also choked him to send a strong message.

Mistress Gaia wanted her laundry done but her slave had not done it by the time she came home from work. She did not have anything to wear the next day and she did not like how casually he took her instructions. She set out to punish him and she did it painfully and cruelly. She facesat on him and choked him with her thighs to let him know she was serious.

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