Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Mizz Thyck has a big ass and she is proud of it. She never hesitates to use it to have fun and to take advantage of guys. She knows guys who would do anything to get a piece of her but she never messes up with anyone unless she is into him or her. And today she used the same ass to smother this guy and choked him besides making him feel incredible pain.

This guy was too foulmouthed for goddess Kiffa and she had to deal with him the best way she knew. She did this by torturing him with her ass and facesitting him was the best way to do so. He cried as he felt the pain and the humiliation but she did not care what he felt. All she wanted was to punish him and she succeeded in doing so to him.

This guy was a loser and these mistresses did not feel anything as they tortured him. Mistress Tink, mistress Cassie and mistress April used their asses to degrade him and he was nearly choked as they did that to him. He wished he had never messed with them but it was already too late and he had to do things their way. He knew he could not fight so he tried to convince them to go easy on them.

Goddess Mel was not going to fuck anyone with a small dick. That was very clear in her mind. And that is why she had to make sure that he knew why she was punishing him. She did not want him to ever disturb her again knowing that he could not satisfy her. All he had to do was lick her ass and smell her asshole and her farts as she facesat on him.

Lady Susan had an issue with her man jerking off and she had to deal with him the best way she knew. She did this by facesitting on him as he was naked since she had caught him masturbating. She was wearing her jeans as she facesat on him and he wished he had never pissed her off. He regretted what he had done and he cried and begged for mercy.

This guy was not a good listener and mistress Lexi was pissed at him. She did not want to continue dealing with him so she punished him before she chased him from her house. The mistress used her facesitting fetish to deal with him and to express her disappointment at his behavior. He wished he had a do over but he did not and he had to endure the consequences of his actions.

When this guy belittled mistress Madlen, he did not know the kind of shit he had brought upon himself. He realized it when the mistress shocked him with her facesitting fetish. She did not care what he felt and had to make sure he never did that nonsense again. The guy was shocked at him how strong she was as well as how she choked him with her and farted on him for good measure.

This guy thought he was a dominant male and that he could get away with whatever he did. But he met this mistress who made him rethink what he believed. The mistress was stronger than him and she pinned him down and she facesat on him. Despite panicking at what she did to him, the guy enjoyed being dominated a little as he had never had that happen to him.

Mistress Zephy did not enjoy oral sex from her husband because he was both poor at it and he did not like it. She was a little frustrated and one day she was reading something about making her man be good at it and her husband's friend saw what she was reading. He immediately knew what she was dealing with and he came to her aid. He ate her ass and her pussy and made her get multiple orgasms.

Mistress Iside knew her neighbor had the hots for her and she had a free day today so she did not mind hanging out with him even though she knew he would not get the cookie. The mistress enjoyed turning him into her ass slave and she facesat on him. The benefit for him was to lick and smell her ass which he did as she sat on his face.

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