Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Zoe loves facesitting on her boyfriend. She facesits on him once a week, and it was that time of the week. So he lay down and let her come on top of her and smother her ass all over his face. He was in discomfort, but he knew that she could do worse things to him if he dared protest about that move. So he endured this humiliating ordeal like a man.

Most mistresses facesit on their slaves with their jeans and with their clothes still on. But not Cleo. When she facesits on a slave, she wants it to be effective, and she pulls up her skirt and remains with her panty and then smothers his face and sits on his face. Besides her weight, she also makes him bear the smell and in fact sniff and smell it and she requires him to enjoy it all.

Xenia had watched videos of mistresses facesitting on their slaves, and she was mesmerized and wanted to try it. So she got a slave of her own and then took her sweet time sitting on his chest as well as facesitting on him and making her full weight bear on his poor face. His cries and discomfort did not deter her from her mission to become a facesitting queen and supremo.

This slave messed with the wrong ladies. Both BBW, they decided that the fitting punishment for him would be facesitting on him. With all their weight being brought to bear on his poor face, he will learn not to make fun of BBW again. They face sat on him and made him smell their sweaty asses and pussies and pained him with their weights. At least he learnt his lesson.

Jane wanted to teach Layla how to smother and facesit on a slave. So she got a slave and then started showing Layla how it is done. She took the slave and made him lie down. Then with her jeans, smothered his face with her ass, until he could not breathe properly and then told Layla to try it, which she did superbly you wouldn't have known it was her first time.

Kimberley likes having her ass licked and smelled. She ordered her boy slave to undress her and then made him sniff and smell her ass and her pussy. She then face sat on him and made him smell her and lick her again both in the ass and in pussy. He was in discomfort at times, but it was better than being trampled with high heels or with sharp boots.

One of Kimberley's favorite pastimes is facesitting on her boy slaves. She had missed doing it for a while, so she got herself a slave and then trampled and smothered her face with her ass in jeans. She made him smell her sweaty ass and did not seem to care about the humiliation, discomfort and the pain she was inflicting on the poor slave. She was having fun and thats all that mattered.

Janette was not amused by her stalker. So she decided to end it once and for all. She invited him to her place, and when he arrived, she pretended that they would have fun, but she pushed him down and then facesat on him. She likes facesitting on people she does not like and those who wrong her. She smothered the stalker with her ass and made him smell her ass.

Jane is as badass as her tattoos suggest. She enjoys trampling people she doesn't like, and she found a slave she did not like and wanted to trample him. First of all, she treated him to some facesitting and then removed her smelly and sweaty socks and stuffed them into his mouth. All this while, the poor slave's hands are tied so he cannot even help himself from all the discomfort she's putting him through.

Intense and dominating Mistress Leane is ready for some brutal facesitting and she won't take no for an answer so she ties her slave up so he is helpless. She has on some sexy tiger striped stockings and lowers her sexy ass down on his face. He fights for air as she smothers him with her cute ass and warm pussy. Intense facesitting domination is what she does best.

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