Facesitting Video

Do you love hot asses which sit down on your face? Do you love hard jeans? Here you can find it!

Lady Ayse noticed that her boyfriend's brother seemed to be infatuated with her and she felt a little uncomfortable. She had to tell him off and she did. But he did not change. Since she did not want to create enmity between brothers, she chose to deal with the issue on her own. She had him lick her feet and boots before she facesat him to make him realize she did not want to mess with him.

Mistress Van Licks wanted to test this new slave. She wanted someone who was strong and tough. She wanted to make sure of that since she had found a sissy the last time and it was not pretty. So she went to the woods with her friends and they facesat him and tortured him to see how he reacted. The mistresses laughed at him but they were pleased with his pain threshold.

This guy tried to mess with mistress Jardena's sister. He had to be punished and the mistress did it with a view to make him change for good. The angry mistress used her facesitting fetish to torture him and make sure that he did it all the way he wanted. He choked as she sat on his face and he regretted why he had done what had pissed her off.

This guy had a crush on Ebonybooty49. She had some free time so she decided to use her time to have fun which she had not had before. The mistress had him lie down and she facesat him. She let him check out her big as and her sexy natural tits. He loved what he saw and he came on himself without any penetration at all. She also loved it.

Mistress Adora and her friends were shocked to learn that they were all played by the same guy. They were pissed about it and they laid a trap for him. They then went on to facesit him as punishment for what he had done since he had not been honest with them. He was choked, humiliated and made to cry and beg for mercy from them before they let him go.

Mistress Zephy had a sudden urge to facesit this guy who had been hitting on her. She invited him to her house and when he tried to talk, she motioned for him to keep quiet. She threw him down and she lifted her skirt up to reveal her pussy as she was not wearing underwear. Then she facesat him and positioned her pussy on his mouth and he ate it without thinking twice. She played with her tits as he ate her out until she had multiple orgasms.

Lady Despina was bored and she needed something to do to pass time. She felt that she had to torture him and so she did it with her facesitting fetish. The mistress was clad in latex leggings and she facesat him while wearing them. In addition to that, she asked him if he wanted to get a taste of her strapon. He was scared and told her not to use it on him and she agreed.

Mistress Cassie has a gorgeous and curvy ass. She loves to use it to mess with guys as they are not able to say no to her after they check out what she is able to do with it. Today the mistress used her curvy ass to get this guy turned on. She facesat him with it and he loved it. Then she asked him to lick it and he did.

This mistress was pissed that her boyfriend had not gotten her anything for valentines day. She had gotten him a gift but he had not bothered to get her one. She was pissed and she used her jeans to smother him while he prepared to have sex. He was humiliated and made to jerk off without any oil or lube. He never repeated that mistake as he knew what would happen.

Mistress Angelina was interested in torturing this guy and she did it with her jeans. She knew that doing it with her ass would not be much of a punishment as he would love the smell and feel of her ass and her pussy. So she wore her jeans and she used it to choke him as well as to make him feel pain. She was right and he learned his lesson.

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